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Default Black Friday Shopping!!!

If any of you are big Black Friday shoppers, check out this website
gottadeal dot com. They have many of the sales already listed. You have to register, but it's free. I plan to head out a hit at least a couple of stores.
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hara hachi bu
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I practice Buy Nothing Day.
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I have to work this day from ****! I work in retail and I won't go anywhere but home to relax after I am done on this day. I hate this day! Too many crazy people spending money they don't have.
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I'm sorry mom, I always try to be patient with the lines and all on Black Friday. I appreciate those who are brave enouogh to work in retail! I am a nurse and wonder about my own sanity sometimes!

Are there really not many of you that go out shopping after Turkey Day?
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oh yay for adbusters. I love that.

I would rather be boiled in tar than go shopping on Black Friday. *shudder*
When I worked at an office supply store - people would even line up there to buy crap. I do not even understand this!
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I've been shopping on this day one time. It was a nightmare of pointy elbows, racing frozen feet, and precariously stacked carts full of televisions and dvd players. I went out that morning specifically to save money on one thing I had already planned to buy. I haven't done it again since. Probably won't find anything I can't live without this year.

Re: the BND--I think it's an interesting concept, one that I've never heard of before. I live in a economically depressed area that has suffered to a degree since the oil bust. Our economic development folks are going all out to lure companies of all kinds to our area, which increases the tax base by increasing the residents, improves schools because of the increased tax base. Improved schools is another lure to new business.

If we all practiced BND and/or if we all reduced our consumerism to the extent that the message seems to give, wouldn't many of us be unemployed? And, what do all these people do for a living? Do they manufacture anything that other need to buy? Do they work for manufacturers? Do they sell any manufactured products? Do they provide any sort of service (which I guess is included in the "buy nothing" message)?

Oh yeah, and where do they get the stuff to make the "handmade jewelry" and do they buy the stuff to make the free food and Buy Nothing soup or do they grow it themselves? I just picture all these people running around frantically to stock up on supplies on the day before Buy Nothing Day.
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heh. that's a good point.. to what extent do we take it? I can see not having a "consumerism" christmas.. if you don't have children... but how would kids understand that Santa isn't coming this year?
And where do they come up with all the supplies they need?
I like the idea of rejecting the need to wrestle for the last piece of crap item on the shelf though... I like boycotting the rush to walmart where people are actually trampled and injured! I like having a reason to not go basically... *L* But, I don't think I'd skip shopping alltogether, but I may reconsider WHERE I shop... I think there's a balance somewhere that each person has to find for themselves.
I would rather spend more on a quality item purchased at a quality store, than buy it for 25% off at walmart... but sometimes I can't afford to do that.
And certainly if there was no consumerism, I would not be employed.. I work at a bank!
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My girlfriend and I go shopping every year on Black Friday. We get all excited and preplan our route, what stores we are going to hit, where the best buys are going to be at, especially for computer stuff, even who is going to make the Thermos of coffee and who is going to drive! It is our special girl time that we only get once a year. Yes, it does get crazy. Last year we witnessed a woman almost get trampled on at Wal-Mart. We don't get that crazy. In that situation an employee held up a much wanted item and yelled out that there were only 10 left. Needless to say the crowd went nuts trying to get them from him and some one almost got badly hurt. There was no way we were going to dive into that mess you have to use some common sense. But yes, we are one of the craze's out there at 4AM.
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ooooh... sparkly!
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DH and i tend to avoid black friday like the plague especially since i tend to HATE marathon shopping... and some of my gifts are handcrafted, so it's not really necessary, anyway.

last year, i went out... but i only went to one department store, and that was only to get some badly needed shoes. oh, and i DID go to the little bead store where i get a lot of my jewelry-making supplies, but that wasn't quite the same. LOL

this year, we're traveling to spend Thanksgiving with family, on the Colorado River, so we won't really even be anywhere to go shopping. oh darn!
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I must be super strange or something. I love Black friday

I always get up early and head to the one store in town...Wal-Mart.

Not that I do any shopping or anything, I just love watching people act like football players. I just wander around, sidestep the rush to the elmos and Playstation 3's and watch the fun begin. I always get such a kick out of it. And I'll walk around for like 3 hours before going home.

It's very rare that I buy anything. Of course there are times when I find a great deal on something and I can't pass it up. But that's rare.

OMG I remember 2 years ago I went to the store with my little cousin on Black friday and we saw this woman and her son shopping. they had like 30 videogames and a few DVD players in her cart. as my cousin and I walk by the son said.. "Mom...can I get a game cube?" And the mom was all.. "Sure Honey." ... My cousin and I just looked at each other..I wish I had that much money to throw around and get whatever was on my mind. @[email protected]

But anyways... yeah I love Black friday, because I get to see adults act like 7 year olds in Toys R Us.
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I too love black friday, it is so fun to watch people go nuts.
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When I was younger, I used to go with my mother and sister out to a large mall a half hour from where we lived every year on Black Friday. I didnt care about the shoppong, but it was nifty girl time

Now? I work in retail. Completely not looking forward to it. =/
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I tend to stay away from the stores on Black Friday. Me and DH do a lot of our Christmas shopping very late at night and enjoy this time out alone with No kids. I've jump started Christmas shopping this yr. and half my shopping list is now done.
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I check the ads and see if there is anything free after rebate. Then maybe I'll get up at probably 4am or so and go stand in line if it's something good that I've been considering buying anyway.

It used to be fun, you chatted with the people you were standing in line with. When the door opened you'd walk really quickly to the items you were looking for. People were polite but firm in that they were going to get the item before you. And it was like a game.

Now, it's not fun at all. People are rude, they jump the line when the doors open-hey, we've been standing here for 2 hours and you just pulled up! It's like people who have a much more intense way of shoppping, who don't mind throwing an elbow into someone's stomch to get in front of them. Last year I went to Staples on the way to work and people hurdled things that were in the way, knocking over displays, ramming their carts into you-not your cart, your body. know, now that I think about it, NO, there is no way I'm going out for the stupid early sales. People are crazy and not nice at all. Am I just getting older?

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I don't partake in any of the actual Black Friday shopping. Except one thing! I always hit the 72-hour sale at Garden Ridge Pottery on the day after Thanksgiving at about 3 or 4 in the morning. It's empty, the sales are rediculous, and I always find great stuff for presents, decorations, gift wrapping, etc. Other than that, I like to stay home and watch all the old Christmas movies with my family!
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