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Exclamation !st time here all!

Good Morning everyone,
My name is Amy, and I'm from Buffalo NY. I came across your site while I was doing some searching on the web. I need some advice!! I thinking about getting my ears stapled. I would have to drive about 3 1/2 hours to Pittsburgh to get it done, the person doing this procedure is known amoung some of you on this site. I'm nervous, excited, and questionable about it. I have put on 70lbs over the past year, and I can't seem to lose any of it. This is the heaviest I have ever been, and i'm struggling with it terribly. My partner of almost 8 years is getting ready to get gastric bypass. I just don't know what to do for myself.
I've tried weight watchers, the gym, curves, shakes, pills....and all I've done is gain weight. I look on here and I can't believe how so many of you are losing weight!! Good for you!!
I'm just getting a little down, because now I notice people looking at me, pulling their chairs ALL the way in when they see me coming, and I'm horrified.

Please help, I'm supposed to go for the ear stapling on 2/25.
Thanks all for letting me vent!!
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In my humble opinion, the only thing that works for long term weight loss is lifestyle change. That is, afterall, what gastric bypass or lapbanding does, forces you into lifestyle change.

Yeah it's hard, but it can be done, there are many of us on here who have had to do some soul searching and change completely the way we lived our lives, I am one of them. Ive had to change my relationship with food and exercise, and some of my favourite things have had to go, like baking cakes, making chocolates for Christmas all sorts of things. I no longer have time for crafts, as I am whizzing about at the pool or the gym. Am I sorry that I have had to change, not now I'm not. I have made loads of friends, found out I am good at stuff like weight training, swimming and fit ball. I can motivate others, I can be a leader - none of this stuff I would have found out if I hadn't started to lose weight.

Right sermon over.

On the ear stapling, I happen to think it's a load of old codswallap, and suggest you check out some links in the Does It Work? section, which I have posted here.
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Hi amyinbuffalo. I'm Shawna in Canada Anyway, if you say all you do is gain..have you gone to your doctor to get tests? Could this be a medical issue? When you say you've tried everything, how long did you try? Don't forget, when you change diets, your body needs time to adjust. I remember the first year I started my lifestyle change I tried a whole whack of things and wondered why the heck I wasn't losing as fast as I wanted. Then, I stuck to ONE thing and I stucke with it for a few months before deciding that this was what worked for me.

Now, I just follow the Canada Food Guide. Nothing works better than that!!!
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Originally Posted by ~Shawna~
Now, I just follow the Canada Food Guide. Nothing works better than that!!!
Gotta love that Canada Food Guide! (Which is all about a permanent lifestyle change.)
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I agree with the other ones that have posted, It's all about life style change, and if you have been dieting and can't lose weight, I also agree that it may be a medical problem, I would suggest that you ask your doctor and get the appropriate tests to see if theres a underlying medical problem, it dosen't sound right to diet and never lose anything, providing that your following the plan correctly. I, myself don't follow any of the popular plans out there, although I'm not saying they don't work, but I have found that common sense (going about it the old-fashioned way) is the best way to go. And I'm not complaining because so far (since Jan. 1st) it has worked for me, I hope you find the right way to go, and good luck to you!!!
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