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Red face 27 yr old newbie....

I am so stressed out, but that's not the reason I need to lose weight.
I didn't start gaining because I was stressed, I always needed to loose, but the fact that I havn't makes my life more stressfull. I need to put a jumpstart on my weightloss, and after owning the 6 week body makeover for a year I decided today is the day I am going to give it a try.

Not trying to have a "pity party", but let me just sum up my past year.....
My fiance of 11 years was locked up last March on a DUI (no accidents, no one hurt thank god), well being that his aunt is the boss at the police district we live in, the arresting officer has not showed up to one court date yet. So he has not been tried yet, and has been sitting there all thsi time with no bail. In the interim I have been laid off, my car was totaled, we forclosed on our house (lost a 35 thousand dollar investment), and me and our 2 children (ages 9 and 3) have been forced to move back in with my parents, who by the way don't get along with my fiance, so have chosen to have all the calls from the prison blocked. And to top it off the bus system in Philly went on Strike today so that means I can't visit him until that gets back and running. But I guess it dosen't matter anyway because right now he is pi$$ed at me anyway and during our last visit had told me to please stay out of his life. I'm sure he's just stressed as well so I'm not taking it too much to heart.
I also am a night student, but am having the toughest time getting a job. This is coming from the same person that used to support the whole family when my fiance got laid off.

I have all the odds laid against me, so I figured my weight is the only control I got, hopefully with the support I get here I'll be able to accomplish one thing before this year is over.....I have about 60-75 pounds to lose......
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yowch! That sounds like a tough load you have there!

I can't believe your FI has been in the clink for so long! That's outrageous! You sound like you're fairly in control, so I guess you shouldn't have much problem with losing weight!

Welcome welcome, you might want to check out the 20 somethings forum as well and say hi over there, they're a pretty cool bunch!

Good luck
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