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Default Tea lovers!

So we know lots of teas can have great health benefits what's your favorite kind? What brand? I'm always hunting for teas to try out and I'd love to hear about some more my favorite type of tea has to be mints and green tea.

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Green tea/ matcha is the absolute best tea for you. It not only has fat loss promoting effects, it helps detox your body such as fighting cancer, clear up your skin and your organs along with giving you a small boost of energy! Honestly chamomile is incredible too, try calming and nice to go to sleep with.
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For iced tea, I've always been a big fan of Trader Joe's unsweetened green tea with mint. For hot tea, I love orange spice, rooibos, and licorice root teas.
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green and red tea but Deciduous, yerba mate
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I am a avid tea drinker.
STASH is always nice, not too costly and available in most stores.
Pukka is a newer brand in my store and I drink their Night Time tea before bed. And it's lovely with lavender and lime flower. A nice change to the sometimes overpowering chamomile. (Though it's in there too, just not as strong)
Triple Tea Leaf makes a detox tea that I sip after a rough weekend where I've gained some water weight. It really helps me drop that water. The only down side is having to get up in the middle of the night to pee...twice.
Recently I discovered Teavana (I think it's spelled) Lovely teas with real bits of fruit.
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I love herbal teas. I get the ingredients and make them at home. My all-time favorite tea contains basil, cinnamon and a pinch of turmeric. Boil it all together and you can also add a little honey, it tastes awesome.
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Right now, I'm enjoying yerba mate tea which I brewed with a teabag of Tulsi Rose.
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Tazo makes a series of dessert flavored teas that are excellent iced even without added sweeteners. The butterscotch blondie and glazed lemon loaf are both favorites.
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Default Cheesecake Factory

My absolute favorite is the unsweetened tropical tea at Cheesecake Factory. For home I buy Bigelow vanilla chai.
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Hey there!

Good question! I'm a huge tea fan. I love red tea!
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I love earl grey, or just black tea used for iced tea.
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Earl grey is my favorite too. But it's hard to find a good one.
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