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Cool General Mass Effect Chat (*Spoilers*)

I know there's already an ME3 thread, but I kinda wanted to focus on the whole series!! Also, I'd kinda like to know how everybody played through the games, so fill out this survey along with your message!

1) Shepard's gender and first name :: Female; Amanda

2) Did you play all 3 games? What order? :: Yes; 2,3,1. Transition from 3 to 1 was AWFUL.

3) Favorite romantic interest :: Garrus (No Shepard w/o Vakarian! <3)

4) Paragon or Renegade? :: Perfect paragon.

5) What's your "dream team?" :: Garrus and EDI.

6) Did yu keep Wrex alive in ME1? :: Yep. LOVE Wrex- can't stand Wreav.

7) Did you preserve the human reaper in ME2? :: Nope. And took Miranda along so she could say "eff you" to the illusive man!

8) Which DLCs did you play and which are your favorites? :: All of them except Omega in ME3; it wouldn't work last playthrough. Favorite: Shadow Broker in ME2.

9) In the Quarians vs. Geth battle in ME3, who did you save? :: Both. Paragon points FTW.

10) Which ending did you choose in ME3? :: I destroyed synthetics. Broke my heart to do it, but I just COULDN'T let Shepard die.

11) How did you react to the outcome of the final game? :: I had stayed up 'till 4am, knowing I had work at 8am, to finish the final battle and chose the synthesis ending. I won the game (without the extended ending) and then spent the next two hours crying, unable to sleep until I downloaded the extended cut, re-won the game, and got slightly better closure. In other words... I HATED it. Watching Garrus hang my name plaque on the wall, knowing I was alive somewhere inside the citadel half-dead, was heartbreaking.

12) What fan paraphernalia do you own (or plan to own) outside the games? :: I own some comics, a lead Normandy SR-2 (alliance) model, t-shirts, N7 and "My other ride is the Normandy" stickers on my car, and an alliance symbol and a paragon symbol on the lid of my laptop. One day I would like to get a wrap on my car lke the Normandy SR-2, alliance version and also a tattoo of a Mass Relay on my left arm and the Normandy on my right arm. <3

13) What do you think of ME4 not including Commander Shepard? :: I don't like it, but I know that there's a LOT that they can do in the ME universe. I'd kinda like to be able to have the option of choosing my race- like a Skyrim-style world. That would be pretty awesome.
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