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Default Desperate For Answers!

This is a bit of a gross topic but I'm sure someone here has the same problem. Anyhow, I get blemishes on my back and chest sometimes and I don't know how in the world to get rid of it. Most people don't have that problem anywhere but on their faces so it's a little embarassing. Make up really doesn't cover well. Scrubs and lotion doesn't seem to either. I've tried most everything.

One more question. My face has little splotches of skin that look like dry patches but are smooth and not peeling. I can use facial scrub everyday and it gets rid of it. -Using a facial scrub everyday is rough on the skin and causes it to lose it elasticity basically damaging your skin. Can anyone help with this one too??
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Question Have you asked a doc?

There may be a RX drug or ointment that can help.

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Not sure what to say, hope that you have found something to help you.
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Come on Spring!
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See your doctor. Maybe you need a reference to a dermatologist.
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I can say for one, that I have suffered with acne for over 10 years now...I never had it when I was 15 years started well after getting my boobs and starting my periods...around the age of 17, peaking at around age 20-24-and I am now 27.
I wore
very heavy makeup every day from the time I was 17 until I was 24-I would not leave teh house without it. I went to a dermatologist and tried Retin-A, antibiotics, and all sorts of prescription well as every product in the stores.
I finally found a way to control it when I was 24...I still suffer from acne, but it is under control, I can actually go into a store with no makeup and not get stared at...I get the normal couple of spots during pms-but it is nothing like it was...
It is going to sound REALLy stupid, but what actually worked for me was the Proactiv Solution on the infomercial. I use it twice a day on my face-morning and night, and it really worked. My skin is much softer, and is not totally dried out and flaky like Clearasil and other products do t my skin. I hope that any of you that have facial acne will give it a try. They have also added some products to their lineup-and I believe that they have an acne body wash to use on your affected areas,and a shampoo/conditioner that you could try to help with your chest/back acne. Sometimes the scents and emollients in our hair products can also have an effect on the acne-so maybe it will help you.
Some other things I have found that help out a bit:
1.)Change your sheets and pillowcases OFTEN, at least once a week, if not twice. Oils from our faces, hair, and bodies buildup on the sheets and can aggravate acne.
2.)Wear oil-free makeup (foundation and powder)
3.)Do not pick at blemishes or squeeze them-it will make it last longer, and can leave scars/pits in your face or body.
4.)If you are on birth control pills, try Ortho Tricyclen-I use that as well, and it makes my pms breakouts a little less severe by evening out your hormones.
5.)if you have long hair, pull it up into a loose ponytail so it is off of your back/chest-the oils from your hair can aggravate skin on your face, neck, back, etc. especially while sleeping.
I hope I have helped you...
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My daughter has the same problem.....acne on her back....and she has tried lots of stuff. About 6 months ago she started taking a supplement called Phytome....Nutrition for Troubled Skin. If you click on this (hopefully I did it right) you will see the product I am talking about.

She even experimented and went off the product after a month because she said it was not working.......and found her acne got worst again. So she went back on it and has been using it ever since. Don't expect miracles over night......give it a chance.

For your face you can try aloe vera gel. You can either get a plant and cut little pieced of the leaf off .....and use gel from that . Our you can go to Walmart ( most stores carry it) and get aloe vera gel....make sure bottle says 98% pure or more and that there is no extra stuff in it. Aloe vera would be also good for your back. Aloe vera is good for lots of things.

Hope this was of some help to you.
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What we all have to remember, is what the main causes for acne are...
1.) Excessive oil production in the skin, or excess oil from your hair or makeup products
2.) Your skin not regenerating cells as quickly as they should, which causes blockage in the pores=pimples and blackheads
3.) Irritation from too strong of a medication, fragrance or chemical in a hair or skin product.
These are the reasons for the advice I gave in my earlier post. The pulling your hair up and changing the sheets often will prevent the excess oil from things other than oily skin. Switching to a lighter conditioner will help as well with this.
I have found that personally, aloe is good for treating a minor skin abrasion or spot, but it will not prevent new ones from occuring. It is just like using a dab of Clearasil on a zit-it will help with the one you have, but the key is to stop getting them.
I hate to sound like a commercial, but the Proactiv solution is the real key-the cleanser removes the oil without overdrying, the toner has glycolic acid in it to help your skin regenerate quicker-keeping your pores from getting blocked so you don't get pimples if that is your reason for getting them, and the repairing lotion gets rid of the ones you have, as well as keeps the pores medicated so new ones do not occur.
It has made such a huge difference-not just "improved thigs a bit." I have gone from constantly going through a morning routine of heavy base, then slowly taking concealer and finger patting it over each and every blemish, and then carefully applying powder to cover my face. To get it to not look like I was wearing a mask it took 45 minutes each day to do, and I would not swim, go to water parks, etc. in front of anyone. I daily had on average-7-8 large spots on my chin, up to 20 on my cheeks, and about 20 on my forehead. These were not blackheads, but the pimples-big red spots that were painful to the touch. Right now I have one small spot on my forehead that is barely noticeable-that is the difference it has made. I truly encourage anyone who has acne ot has a child that does to try it. It is a "preventative" measure, as well as healing your current spots. It truly does make more difference than anything I have tried before...and is much cheaper than the dermatologist bills I used to have.
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Aleo vera won't get rid of the acne but will help the itchyness and to heal. And is great for dry patches of skin. Another thing you could try on your dry patches on your face, is break open a vitamin E capsul and use that. This I have tried on dry patches and works great....also no scaring. You could use it on acne also.

Just remember we all are different and what may work for me or my daughter, may not be for you. You will just have to experiment and see.
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I am 29 years old and suffered from horrible acne since puberty. My face was purple and yellow with large red dots all over it. The dermatologist put me on 100 different things that never helped, and I finally gave up. I bought the Proactive and it didn't help either, I used it for 9 months to give it a chance, but zip. So, the next thing I tried was Murad Solution. It works wonders! It has a moisturizer with the kit, I think that's what really made the difference. My advice is keep trying until you find something that works for you, and good luck!!
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