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I'm here in California, so of course I didn't feel it :P But I remember one here a couple years ago that had the water sloshing out of my pool! I thought it was cool :P Haha
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I'm in Minnesota, where we have only tiny, tiny faults and if they move we get only tiny, tiny quakes (around 2.6 is as big as we get: heck, construction sites and trucks rumbling past probably cause bigger tremors!). I have a cousin who lives and works just the other side of DC from where this quake hit, I wrote to her but haven't heard back yet. Now with this darn hurricane getting ready to hit, and it too could slap DC pretty good, I hope she doesn't try to write to me just yet.

Of course I shouldn't be complacent: I hope I don't scare the Midwestern chicks, but there IS the New Madrid fault down around Missouri, which in 1816 let'er rip with enough force to ring church bells in Boston and cut new channels for the Mississippi (hence those "oxbow" lakes you see when you look at a map). Fortunately then, the Midwest was pretty sparsely populated (as in "nobody here but us Indians"), but if that fault were to come alive now, we in the Big 10 states would probably feel something ...

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I was so surprised to see on the news ALL the people out on the streets so close to ALL those tall buildings, geez.
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