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Default "Use Sparingly" ... Ear Piercing Cleaner???

So my DGD got her piercing today, and we read on the bottle that it should be used sparingly as too much could impair healing. SO ... how do you use it? I thought you'd soak the q-tip, and pat lavishly around the hole? Or do you just dab a couple of times on the earring post and move it back and forth? She got little silver hoops ... so cute ... Help!!! Tell me how you've done it, please! Thanks, ladies!
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I wouldn't use the solution they give you. It took me five piercings to figure that one out. The reason they say use it sparingly, is because it could dry out the hole, and some moisture is needed for the piercing to heal.

Option 1: Use a mixture of sea salt (NOT table salt) and water and quite literally soak the piercings in it. It's awkward, but a few minutes really goes a long way. I'd advise against Q-Tips, but am guilty of using them myself.

Option 2: Buy unscented antibacterial soap and apply to the piercing site with warm water. Always remember to wash your hands first so you don't transfer any bacteria.
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Those cleaners tend to have alcohol in them, which is very harsh for an open wound and makes it heal a bit slower. It should only be used for two things- sterilizing earrings before putting a new pair in, and a quick daily clean. Putting a bit on a q-tip and wiping them quickly over the holes should be fine, and enough to clean them (once a day).

Insidethebeltway makes a good point as well- when you get a professional piercing from a tattoo studio, they often recommend a type of saline solution (I've only seen it sold in studios). However, several generations of children have had their ears swabbed with nothing more than rubbing alcohol, so it won't kill her (or hurt her significantly).
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ive always used that bottle of solution...put it on cotton balls liberally and applied to the piercing and the earring needed, as directed or whenever i remembered...ive never had a problem with it...

i had an upper ear piercing that my hair kept getting tangled in and i finally took it out and let it heal shut but ive had 6 ear piercings including that one and no problem ever with any of them healing from the piercing
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Never use the solution they give you (unless it's just pure sterile saline). Sea salt soaks are the only way to go, in my opinion - the vast majority of professional piercers (i.e. needles, not piercing guns at the mall) have that as their only recommendation. (Non-iodized salt!)

I also strongly recommend against the antibacterial soap idea... that's horribly irritating, on top of actually contributing to a possibility of infection (irritation + killing all the harmless bacteria = perfect opportunity for a serious/resistant bacteria to move in and colonize).
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