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getting back to 140
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Default What are your rules for getting rid of stuff?

My house is way too cluttered and I'm trying to rid myself of some stuff.
I've heard things like: if you haven't worn something in a year, get rid of it.
What about things like books, movies, knick knacks and general STUFF ???
This weekend, I did take a couple of boxes of stuff to the Goodwill, so I have made a light dent. I tend to think too much about what I paid for something and then I keep it, instead of putting it in the give away box. Then there's things that I've saved from childhood (I'm 46 now). Should you keep these things? Somebody will just have to throw it away when I die, right???

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I tend to ask myself questions...

Clothing: When will I wear this again? If never or stretching to think of a time: Is it clean & not too worn? If yes: To goodwill it goes! If no: Into the trash.

Stuff I bought: Is it really useful/do I have a use for it? If no: Is it in good care? If yes: To goodwill it goes! If no: Into the trash!

Or also I ask: Can I think of a time when I will miss this if I throw it out? If no: Toss it/Give it.

OR!: Can I replace this if I situation comes up when I would need something like it? A NUMBER of things I've given away on that basis, and quite frankly... never have missed any of them. Usually kitchen gadgets that I never bothered to use before, and have not missed a single one that I've given away.

Things from childhood that I kept for a reason: I actually have some things from my childhood that I'll likely never give away. Nothing wrong with keeping some things. As I would really, really be sad if they were thrown out/given away. Again, I asked "Will I miss this?" and the answer came up "YES!" so I haven't gotten rid of it.

Edit: I'm going through a HUGE overhaul/clean-up of my apartment so I'm going through this now.

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Books, movies (store upside down) and clothes put the hangers backwards on the rod.

Then you can easily see if you use it in the last 6-12 mos or not. Then donate it.

Also the rule of "one comes in, one goes out" helps keep it more or less stable. It doesn't have to be book for book. Just something new, something else old goes away.

Summer tends to be very accumulative here and I cannot WAIT til the start of school to start getting some of this OUT of here without child underfoot "helping." In the meanwhile I content myself with one grocery bag at a time.

I'd totally love a support thread on this! Maybe this could be it?


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About once every 4 or 5 months I go Crazy!
I start cleaning and I freak out by all the clutter and I just get rid of EVERYTHING!
Like I will have 3 bags of trash, 3 goodwill bags.. and I end up never missing any of it becuase I didn't need it and I feel relieved for doing it!
As fas as what to get rid of, things that don't fit, that I haven't worn in Months, thingsI don't use, things that I don't really care for

I think I'm the opposite of a Hoarder.. I get rid of it aLL!
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Originally Posted by mhill0823 View Post

I think I'm the opposite of a Hoarder.. I get rid of it aLL!
Funny you should say that. I was watching episodes of Hoarders when a little jolt crossed my brain...

I suddenly had to clean. I had to get rid of junk. I had to let go of material possessions. I still have a ton to do, but I was horrified thinking that if I never let anything go I'd end up in my own episode of Hoarders with boxes piled to the ceiling and small "paths" through my home. NO WAY!

Thankfully MOST of the rooms in my home are now clutter-free. It's just the two bedrooms I'm slowly working through, and one of them is 2/3rds done.
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I have a low tolerance for "stuff." Honestly, I'd rather just get rid of it than hold on to it. I'd say about 90% of the items in our house are my bf's, and that which is mine is almost all regularly used. I'm a frequent traveler- in fact, I'd be a permanent one if I could afford it- and have been away from home 7 out of the last 14 months. So extra stuff simply feels like a burden for me.

When I do get the urge to shop, more often than not I'll get buyer's remorse and return the items a week or two later. But I'm also a bit of a tight wad, so I'll generally sell the things I have rather than giving or throwing them away.
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I watch an episode of Hoarders and that makes me want to go on a cleaning spree
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Originally Posted by ladolcevita26 View Post
I watch an episode of Hoarders and that makes me want to go on a cleaning spree
Oh, man, that show is scaaary. Especially the one about the woman who hoards cats (and didn't know there were several dozen dead ones under all her stuff).
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My dad recently passed away and my mom said "Get rid of stuff while you are alive because when your spouse is alive everything is just clutter that you want to get rid of, once they are gone it becomes an heirloom"

My mom is now going through her stuff and getting rid of it but yet everything that belonged to my dad I am sure will be here for years before she is ready now to get rid of it.

I have very minimal belongings which is a complete opposite of what I had before I got divorced. I hired a company to do an estate sale for me. I like this minimal lifestyle. Everything I have I love and I have no clutter and have not missed anything. It's just stuff that clutters the mind too.
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I tend to throw everything out too. I currently own 1.5 boxes of clothes (that includes what I can wear and what has yet to fit me), 1 large box of bedding stuff. 2 bags of formal dresses from my rainbow days. 1 box of memorabilia from my rainbow days, 2 boxes from senior year. 2 boxes of books. 1 box of photos/scrapbooking stuff, etc. Honestly? That is all I own (besides my bed, dresser and night stand). Yes, when I lived on my own my apartment was empty. I had a couch and stereo, no tv in the living room my bed in the bedroom and my dresser in the closet that was it.
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Every 35 years whether I need it or not, I let a massive hurricane wreck the crap out of my home. It's amazing how much less clutter I have afterward.

Seriously, after Katrina did for a lot of my belongings, I simply have not kept nearly as much stuff lingering around--and I haven't missed it. There are a few things that I wish I had for their sentimental value, but a lot of other things--all my old high school and college art and notes, photos, my wedding dress, my prom dress, more books than I can count--I never needed as a physical presence.

They exist in my head where there are vast archives of stuff that takes up only a little space--about 1500 cubic centimeters or so--and not on our closet floors, under beds, on kitchen tables, and so forth.

In my head, my college art looks great; if I were able to summon it back up out of the landfill and look at it as it really was, I would note all the mistakes I made and feel embarrassed by it. So I've learned that sometimes it's better not to have mementos. As for photos, who really looks at them? You remember taking them, not looking at them; they aren't memories, they're just images of memories.

Shed as much stuff as you can now. You'll feel worlds lighter without losing a pound.
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For all of my childhood, highschool, college, memory type stuff- one bin. It forces me to really edit whats most important, since that's all the room I allow for it.

For everything else- box it up and stick it in the garage. If you haven't needed it in a month or three or whatever threshold you set, donate all of it. (without opening the boxes to look through them)
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I have one of the Sterilite/Rubbermade containers. Once or twice a year I go through it and reevaluate what was important. I've also started one for each of my kids.

I have maybe 2 dozen books that are mostly reference or cookbooks. My kids both have one shelf worth in their room and they rotate those out with one shelf worth in the basement. I rarely buy books since I borrow most of them from the library. We have one small video rack that holds maybe 60 and has kids movies and Wii games. I don't "do" knickknacks.

Clothes are gone through seasonally. For example, every spring anything that won't fit the kids next winter is donated. I have another of those big containers for their off season/grow into clothes. So clearly there isn't a whole lot there.

Honestly, I have a much harder time with my pantry. I feel like I am better stocked than the local grocery store, lol.
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the older I get the less crap I want in my house. More and more things I just want to be free of
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In my old age I hate clutter! When I start getting rid of stuff I usually have two for trash and one for the goodwill. A couple of weeks ago just went thru my books and took them to the bookstore to trade. They actually gave me a good price for the books to go towards new books. Not sure that's a good thing, lol. But I did get rid of some books that I won't read again. Left the store with just a couple so wasn't bad...still have the credit for the next few visits. They won't let you use the whole credit towards your purchase. Whatever you buy you get half off, if you have a credit that is.

Someone mentoned the show Hoarders...stayed up late watching several episodes Sat and wow...I don't ever want to get that way!
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