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What about the tea lattes? I almost always have a skinny chia tea latte... mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
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It's funny, I actually enjoy the taste of Starbucks coffee black. It is quite strong and biter. But sometimes that's just what I want. But, I also prefer going to local coffee joints. We have one bigger local one and then a newer one that started emerging in the last 2 years. Tried them the other day, they're okay but not great.
Otherwise, I just make coffee at home.

This is an interesting topic though. I LOVE to watch people. You can learn a lot about people based on clothes, what they buy or order, what they drive, etc. Obviously as pointed out, this is definitely not a failsafe method. But, it is what it is!
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Starbucks is my one guilty pleasure, I have it almost everyday and still come keep to a strict calorie budget !! Skinny vanilla latte !!!
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Originally Posted by Jasesgirl View Post
I have the pleasure of being able to serve everyone there favorite beverages . When they come into my cafe, they order whatever their little hearts desire. But i have learned..that you can tell a lot about the kind of lifestyle they have just based on there choice..

For example:

A skinny latte with skim and sugar free syrup says "im carb conscious and fat concious"

A double caramal macchiatto with a triple shot caramal and asking for whip on the top says "screw any diet..i want my whip! and give me that caramal!"

A triple shot espresso says "wake me up!"

A steeped tea- "comfort and relaxation baby"

A hot chocolate "i wanna be cozy and cuddled and loved"

Its much like a cashier in a store..How do you know when its a lot of peoples time of the month???? Because the cashier is ringing in women who have stacks of chocolate bars or chocolate related items.

Its interesting what you can tell about people just by observing them in everyday life.
What does a Mocha frapp with extra carmel say about me? lol

I've always been a bit paranoid when I buy chocolate and salty stuff...I wonder if the cashiers know its my TOM or if they even care. lol
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I worked at sonic for 6 years and I did this allllll the time when people ordered.

Ya know, the salad and diet coke... and the person in the car with them who ordered a burger, large fries, ice cream and coke...
total opposites but you could tell things about them.
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Hmm... At home I have just cream, no sugar, no sweetener, but at Starbucks I like a sugar-free vanilla coffee. The guy asked me if I wanted it with skim milk and I said, "No, if I'm not having sugar, then I want some fat!" lol
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I had a similar experience when I worked as a sandwich maker at a burger joint. People who ordered the smallest and simplest burgers, fish or chicken sandwiches, wraps, or salads, and paired them with fruit, a baked potato without a lot of junk on it, or a kiddie fry and water tended to look and behave very differently than people ordering the triple with cheese and bacon, large fry, and a soda.

There's lots of room between those extremes, of course, but it was generally pretty easy to accurately guess how people looked and acted, based on their food order.

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i always wonder what the people at mcdonald's think when i drive through and order ONLY a large diet dr pepper LOL!
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I judge people who drink instant coffee. Ick!

I get my venti coffee with half and half if I go to Starbucks, a couple times a week. I don't think I get judged. I've befriended a lot of the people who work there.

I've had dishwater coffee at places like Denny's and IHOP. I think it's worse than the instant. I used to live in the Middle East and my people are from Greece, so we all share a love for really strong thick coffee subtly flavored with cardamom. Yum! Sometimes I make this at home in my ibrik.

Usually I make coffee in a French press. It's richer (and less crunchy than the Turkish method). I get a really nice coffee bean from Temple Coffee in Sacramento (when they have it in), their Guatamala Antigua and Colombian coffee. I also like the Sumatra Mandheling variety, but it's hard to find locally. Gotta get it online.

When I lived in Kuwait, my cook would bring back green coffee beans from India, toast them on the stove and make coffee for me. I wasn't really fond of the beans she used. They had a strong citrus note. I like my coffee with mellow dark chocolate notes. But it was really cool to watch her make it for me! I'd bake American cookies (that she loved) and we'd have some lovely afternoons on the terrace overlooking the Persian Gulf.

(Yes, I am a food snob, and I was lucky to have lived like that once. Still a food snob, but I now live a very average life. In the U.S., so I still feel lucky!)
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I love the comment "if im going to have my sugar i want some fat!"..thats awesome...
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Dear Starbucks,.

I visit your establishment because I enjoy your premium product. Now that I live an hour away I look forward to my visits, although less frequent. When I walk through your doors and order a Venti Iced Coffee I know what I want. If you don't have any on hand, of course I am going to be disappointed, I came a long way and was looking forward to getting my drink on.

Please don't offer to sell me an Iced Caffe Americano as I have tried that and it is not the same thing to me. I do accept that the Barista does not know me and my tastes and I am prepared to forgive that, however please accept my polite "no thank you" and leave it at that.

Please do not insult my intelligence and tell me you can pour fresh hot double strength coffee over ice and it will be the same as pouring cold double strength coffee over ice (the Starbucks industry standard for iced coffee). I will not accept this "solution to your problem" (which was not making enough iced coffee in the first place).

If you make me this offer I will tell you why pouring fresh hot double strength coffee over ice is NOT the same as pouring cold double strength coffee over ice as I figure you need training in common sense.

Thank you for understanding.

Your loyal (but frustrated) customer
For me it is all about getting my BOLD on. The iced coffee does this. Making a Grande a triple also does this, but the iced spares me the extra calories and I love Iced Coffee on a hot day.
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Panera Bread's Iced Chai Latte is fantastic, btw.

I know it's not coffee, but mannnnnnnn I love it.
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I am definitely a make the coffee at home sort and am soooo over starbucks. I prefer a little local joint here, they make the best roasts. They do a pecan one that if you add a little sugar free caramel syrup to it you can have one of those desserts in a coffee cup right at home, it's like caffeinated pecan pie. They also sell online If I am going to get one of the fru fru sort of drinks I prefer the shop inside my local Hastings book store. They have the best white chocolate mocha ever.
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When I bartended a few years ago, 9/10 times could figure out what type of beer a guy would drink just by appearance, speech, and body language. We used to make it a game.

*Polo shirt, khaki shorts, flip flops, "preppy yuppy": Miller or Coors Light
*Anything Nascar, mullet optional: will ask or Pabst, Beast, or Nattie. Will sometimes settle for Bud.
*Older man, gold chains, usually with a NY/NJ accent: Budweiser
*Surfer look: Corona or Sam Adams summer ale
*Faded tee an shorts, sneakers, baseball cap: Lager
*Hippie- IPA

It goes on. I love that you guys had your own version.
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