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Default What is one junk food you DON'T like?

For me it is chips. I don't see the point in them. The only problem is I do like dip so I do like tortilla chips.
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Here I go again
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Tough question ,but a goodie! Cheetos, they leave your mouth and fingers all orange!
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For me it's Take 5 candy bars. There's just too many competing flavors.


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I hate Skittles! They make my mouth feel dry and painful.
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Staying the Same
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I never crave potato products (french fries, potato chips etc). Now if only I could conquer chocolate I'd be golden...
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pork rine well don't know if it's rine or rinds but yuck yuck yuck
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Usually salty stuff, (except goldfish!!), like chips. I'm definately a chocolate person!! Candy like reeses, cakes yummmm. Oh and I dont like any generic sugary stuff, like someone said skittles, pez, sweet tarts, smarties (does anyone eat those?) and things that will rip my filling out like mary Janes or toosie rolls, any taffee or caramel....and anything hard, like hard pretzels or hard candies....guess I'm pretty finiky with my junk food!

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I don't like chocolate and sugar.

I only like potato chips

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Peeps. Ugh those things are so nasty. I remember staring at them with disgust every time I would get them in an easter basket and trading them off to anyone who was foolish enough to enjoy them. lol! XD

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Honestly, these days most of it seems disgusting to me.. even junk foods I used to enjoy. Most of it I don't even have the option of eating any longer due to being vegan, but even before I cut out animal products, I didn't have a taste for that stuff any longer. One of the only things I do still enjoy are tortilla chips, but only really good, fresh tortilla chips because I can't stand most big brand names as they're so disgustingly salty to me now.

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Goldfish (or any cheese crackers)
Pork rinds
Potato sticks
Ice cream (except occasionally)

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I second peeps. Also, anything butterscotch.

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I third the peeps. Also, twinkies, cosmic brownies, and a bunch of those other little debbie type snacks. The only one I like are the wafery ones and swiss cake rolls.

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Pork rines...yuck! Another untempting junk food is salt & vinager flavored potato chips.
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