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Default What are your weird cooky quirks? :)

My fiance has been living with me for a month, and after him being gone for a year in Iraq, and the fact that this is our first time actually living together, we're getting to know each other on a whole new level. For the most part, it's fun and interesting to learn new things about each other, but some "odd" stuff has come up in the last few weeks. Just little things that are more funny than anything, but it's just an interesting thing to get to know somebody so well that all their weird little quirks come out. We walk around our whole lives thinking that we're normal and other people are the weirdos. But we all have some "unique" little things about us, haha.

For example, my guy multitasks like crazy in the bathroom. He'll bring in a beer and leave the door open so he can keep watching a football game (and he'll still hoot and hollar at the players). Or he'll bring his investing notebook in and go over his stocks. He's even taken his laptop in there with him. When I poke fun at him for it, he says if he's going to be in there for awhile, he might as well get something done.

But as much as I think my hubs-to-be is the weirdest person on the planet, I have my own little Meganisms.

I can ONLY walk on a person's left side. They have to be on my right side. I can walk between two people, but if there are more than three of us walking together, MORE people have to be to my right side. I get uncomfortable and can't focus on the conversation until I get on my proper side of somebody. I'd much rather walk in front of or behind somebody than walk on the wrong side.

Any floral-themed object (floral pattern fabrics on pillows or blankets, fake flowers, etc etc) MUST face the window because that's the direction that real flowers would grow. And yes, I will discretely slightly adjust objects in other peoples' homes so that their floral stuff faces the window.

I also have a legitimate anxiety of phones. I don't like calling people, even friends or for something simple like making an appointment. But what really gets my panties in a twist is receiving phone calls. If I get a call from an unknown number, I actually have a physical reaction of a cold sweat, racing heart, short breaths, etc. If I work up the nerve to answer it, I can barely squeak out a "hello" because I'm so nervous. If I wuss out and don't answer, I just cross my fingers that it was a wrong number and they don't leave a voicemail. For some reason I just always assume it's going to be terrible news. Like somebody died or I owe a lot of money or something, lol. I'm really quite a social person and I like talking to friends and meeting new people, just HATE the phone.

So what about you, I know you're all secretly weirdos masquerading as normal people
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When reading a book, I absolutely
HAVE to mark notes in it. I usually
will post sticky notes on pages. I'll
note key points, words I may not
know, or where I zone out and lose
interest. My fiancÚ finds hundreds
of sticky notes in books and he
thought it was strange at first,
but he's grown use to it.

I also write in a weird way.
The paper ALWAYS has to be turned
to the side, away from me, for me to
write. I will write sideways if the
paper is vertically in front of me.
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losing and schmoozing
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All the bills in my wallet have to face the same way and be ordered by denomination.

I count stairs.

I worked in an Apple Store for one summer and now I have a compulsion to straighten everything up whenever I go to an Apple Store... it's what we always had to do when business was slow.
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LOL @ your fiancee in the bathroom!!

I'm really weirded out by textures - both tactile and visual so I can get icked out pretty easily. Hubs has gotten used to it and occasionally he likes to play on that just to drive me nuts.

If I pour a drink into a glass it has to be a "glass" glass. I loathe drinking out of plastic cups.

I also do the "writing sideways" thing. I can't write straight on, the paper is turned at least 90 degrees or a bit more for me to write comfortably.

I'm also phone-phobic. For me, text messaging has been the best invention ever!

Hubs calls me the "grammar ****". Not that I'm always perfect but I am seriously bothered by misspelled words and misused words and have been known to take and pen and correct signs, etc. displayed in area businesses.
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I'm a grammar N**i myself, but I wouldn't call that a quirk in my case. I'm an English major—as is my mother, who is also a one-time English teacher—as well as a professional writer and editor for the past 16 years, so it's simply a genetic and an occupational hazard.

I don't think I really have any quirks. I do read in the bathroom while shaving my legs and curling and drying my hair, but that's just because I'm busy and have to fit reading in somehow.

I work in the dark—my office is known as "The Bat Cave"—but that also isn't really a quirk. My pupils are just incredibly large—so large that I have never needed to have them dilated. I can see spiders scurrying across the asphalt at midnight. Seriously. And for this reason I often wear sunglasses inside, in conference rooms and malls and the like. I've even worn them at the movies. I have had the halogen lights in the ceiling of my office removed, and there is no lamp in there either. And, if I am alone at home, I often won't turn on any lights there. The light from the TV in the living room is bright enough to allow me to cook in the kitchen.

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I was born this way hey!
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I have to read my books & mags before anyone can borrow them. I always read the last chapter of a book first. I like to know if it will end horribly, so I can prepare myself.

I don't like to call people either. I ALWAYS text people, or send them a message on Twitter or FB. The only person I call is my husband. He usually has to make phone calls for me, so it really really sucks when he's deployed.

If a door is half open, I always slam it toward the wall, in case there is a clown, alien, or axe murderer hiding behind it. I also check behind the shower curtain in & out of the shower for the same reason. I also never close my eyes while washing my face. I'm afraid of finding one of those 3 standing behind me.

Speaking of clowns...if I ever see one, I will walk in the opposite direction. I will have a major panic attack if I walk by one, or if it looks at me.


"I'm beautiful in my way. 'Cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, baby. I was Born This Way"~Lady Gaga <3
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I have an obsession with not missing any calls. My hubby tells me this is why the answering machine was invented but I still HATE to miss a call....I have no idea why.

I am obsessed with not only being on time, but I like to get places way early. It's embarrassing!

Oh, and did I mention I have a food obsession?
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Staying the Same
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I hate honeycomb patterns and anything that is a series of small holes in a fairly evenly distributed pattern.

I have a kind of pathological fear of other people vomiting on airplanes. It's gotten better recently but I sit there during a flight and worry/stress that someone else is going to vomit.
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I hate when things are left open. Toothpaste, cabinet doors, front/back doors, books... I always close them.

I can't eat in dim or dark light.

I can't pee if I think someone might hear me. I practically have to give myself a pep talk to pee in a public restroom, even if I really really have to go.

Once I start reading a book, I have to finish it as soon as possible. I will read 300+ page books in 2 days, not skipping parts, not neglecting obligations. I just read fast.

Belly button lint freaks me the @#$%@^ out. My husband takes advantage of this occasionally. Once, he threw some into the tub while I was taking a bath. I jumped straight up out of the tub, screaming, and ended up standing on the rim of our tub, almost in tears, screaming at him to get it out. I had to drain the water and fight the urge to scrub out the tub before I finished.

People in animal/character costumes, like Mickey Mouse or Goofy scare me. If I can't see human shape under the costume, I'll walk a huge circle around them to avoid them.

I love rollercoasters and thrill rides, but watching fast moving movies gives me vertigo and makes me sick.

Ugly feet/toenails freak me out. So do overly long fingernails/toenails. I could never in a million years be a pedicurist.

My husband could probably name a million more. He says I'm a very quirky person, sometimes to the point I drive him nuts.

Oh! Hearing someone sing or play an instrument off-key, or seeing certain colors/patterns together causes me an almost physical reaction. I have honestly had to leave a room because of the color it was painted (dark, shiny red and neon pink stripes) because I was getting nauseous and irritated. There's a dark, pea-green that absolutely repulses me. Other times people, things or days I associate with color or sounds.
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HAHA your fiance is funny. That's toooo cute. My boyfriend sometimes brings the laptop in with him, I tell him it's flagged now lol.

Hmmmm. Well I make nonstop to do lists, and little notes for myself, or anything. I stick them to the door or in my pocket, and my boyfriend finds them eeeeeeeverywhere. Like today in class I folded a notecard in half and jotted down a TV show my teacher mentioned, my christmas list, a chart of my hunger/food intake, and some other random notes that make no sense to anyone but me. My boyfriend saw it and was like "wtf?"

Umm. I sleep with earplugs?

I love love love going to the movie theaters alone. I don't have to share my popcorn, or argue about a movie time, or wait for anyone. I just go. I bring a blanket and sneak in a drink and buy a small popcorn with no butter and go to town. The people that work there always look at me funny, especially with my fuzzy pink blanket.

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If I don't put on my left sock first then right then left shoe first then right I swear I can't walk...

other than that nothing kooky....
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I have to hit the "lock" button the entire time from when I get out of my car until I get into my office (my actual office, not just my building). I just walk and click the "lock" button repeatedly until I set my keys on my desk.

I match my steps with the people I'm walking with, so our right feet go forward at the same time and so forth. If it's in a group of people I know well, I'll make everyone do it. If it's people who aren't so in tune with my nuttiness, I practically chew my own lip off to avoid saying something.

I'm also a grammar you-know-what, but mostly about specific things. I live in the Midwest, where we are notorious for ending sentences with prepositions. People say "Where are you at?" and I want to poke them in the eye. Another Midwest things is adding random R's into words where there are none. Instead of "washing" dishes, people "warsh" them. There's a town called Norfolk and people pronounce it "Norfork." It kills me.

I have to take a sip of whatever beverage I have with my food (meal, snack, anything) between each bite that I take. I also can't have a bite of the same food twice in a row, so if it's chicken, potatoes, and peas, it doesn't necessarily have to be a bite of chicken, drink, bite of peas, drink, bite of potatoes, repeat, I just can't have two bites of the same thing in a row.

I drive the extra long way (about 17 miles more) to my parents house to avoid having to drive on gravel roads.

And the worst one, in my opinion, is that I can't get out of bed unless the last digit on the clock is a 5.

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Le geek, c'est chic
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I have mild taste/word synesthesia. I literally taste words and names that I say, hear, or read. Fortunately it isn't triggered by all words, but it's frequent enough that dinner conversation can confuse my taste buds and brain a little.

It's why I will generally say "I apologize" (pickles) instead of "I'm sorry" (celery, yecch!) and prefer the name James (chocolate-covered cherries) to Jim (cottony and not quite clean, kind of like a mouthful of an athlete's t-shirt after a day's work). I would rather be "charming" (marshmallows) than "friendly" (cornflakes), but being "wicked" (waxy/sweet like fake candy lips) isn't so bad.

I love reading this thread! I kinda like the idea of going to a movie with only a pink fuzzy blanket for company. Going to have to try that one!
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Haha! That's hilarious! I thought I was the only one who had to be on someones right side when walking! I can't stand to have someone on my left side. I'm always moving myself to make sure I'm in the right spot.

I have to open all my mail, even junk mail that I know I am not going to read. Mail was meant to be opened and I must help it fulfill it's purpose.

I poke baked potatoes 7 times each. I used to poke them 6 times, but most often I'd be making them for 3 people, and I couldn't poke 6, 6, and another 6.

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."
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happy in her own world
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i'm a step counter- i used to count my steps to the bus stop every day and get really upset if it wasn't even in each square of the sidewalk.

i have a massive fear of vomit- not my own- but others. specifically every time i'm in a public restroom i'm afraid someone is going to puke while i'm in there. doctors offices. the bus. everywhere i'm looking at people and wondering if they're going to puke. i do not know why. sometimes it really interferes with my day.

i also have to eat in light! drives my hubby nuts he wants to eat dinner in the dark watching a movie or tv but it makes me batty! i gotta see it, what if i eat something gross by mistake? a bruised piece of fruit or a hunk of gristle- thanks, no!

oh man i have so many of them. i definitely think i have some ocd tendencies with the counting and obsessing. things should always be even. and they should be equal. like when i'm plating up dinner i get really obsessed about making things even between me and hubby. or patterns of how i do things like load the dishwasher, do chores, get ready in the morning. good to know we're all a little nuts!

also right now it's really bothering me that someone is saying Trebuchet with the T at the end. it really distracts me when i see a typo, grammar error, or hear someone say something wrong. sometimes i can't read an email if there are too many mistakes i'll just delete it.
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