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This is the Last Time!!!
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Default Who has Horses?

How do you do it? I hate being hot (I sweat at the drop of hat....thanks dad!) and sweaty. I find when I am heavy I hardly have anything to do with my horses. How do you all do it? How do I make myself get out there and mess with them and ride? How often do you ride and what is your climate like? Our summer has been miserably hot and humid this year, but even today, was nice and I didn't want to go out there, but I did. Maybe I am just in a funk and need to get this weight off (easier said than done). Ugghhh. Can anyone relate?
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God I wish I were in the position to have horses! That's one of my goals when I get some of this weight off: Riding lessons.

This post has been brought to you Unrelated Jealousy.

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can i ask why you have horses if you don't want to care for them? to me having horses is a novelty because it's so expensive. i have a cat and a kid and that's hard enough but i do what i do for them because i love them whether i really want to or not.
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I don't have my own horses but I did used to ride until I went away to school. I'd also muck out stalls etc. I really loved doing it. Mucking out stalls is such a great form of exercise! So is riding! I think that's just what it was-I was so excited to get to ride I didn't care that I was sweaty and gross. Maybe you just have to get excited about it again?
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I haven't ridden for ages and haven't had a pony in years but back when I was bigger I used to love doing all the mucking out and poo-picking of the field and stuff - it was my 'exercise', lol.

Now I'm thinner I don't ride any more because it's too expensive for me now (and the gym's more fun) plus my seatbones really, really hurt because now, I can feel them! Saddles just aren't comfy any more now my bum isn't padded :P
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I take lessons at a nearby stable but not in the summer. In SA, temps have been in the 100's. I ride with my 3 children and we will resume in a couple of weeks. I love it.

Riding as a thin trim woman is a lot more fun and one more reason to get the weight of sooner rather than later. I felt bad for the horses back, my bum, joints, heart, etc... Being fat is hard in so many ways.
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I too am wondering why anyone would keep animals that they are not willing (or able) to care for properly? It's a situation where either the human sucks up and deals or looks to find better homes for their animal. Especially for animals like horses that are so high maintainance.

We have horses. I don't ride because I am too fat and though I KNOW that our two best horses can take twice my weight I still feel crappy for them and guilty, so no riding for me!

I do spend lots of time with them though since I do most of the grooming and care. My kids clean the stalls. My husband handles nutrition and medication. Everyone else rides almost daily. Our 16 year old gives riding lessons and saves the money towards college. Between the horses and the pool my kids are everyone's BF's especailly when school is out. And well, At least I know wher thay are!

We have twelve stalls and eight horses total right now. Most of our horses are rescues that we nursed back to health but we could not find homes for them because they are either too old or not fit to ride. We care for horses that come into our local shelter too but (of course) they euthanize any that are old or seriously ill so these horses always find forever homes.

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