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Exclamation I Had Such A Strange Dream...

This is the dream I had last night. I have a very active dream life, including recurring dreams and I have often had dreams which have later proved to be symoblic or meaningful (like this one to some extent - read below). This one has stuck in my head all day today and I feel like it's trying to tell me something with its vividness. Anyway...

I was climbing up a very large, very steep, muddy hill. Determined to proved that I was as strong and capable as everyone else, I put all my effort into climbing it, using my hands as well as my legs to propel me forward. However, I kept getting dizzy and losing my balance, falling off the hill. I clung to a rock at the last moment and made my way to the top of the hill, where there was a house with lots of people.
I quickly fell in love with one of the boys there, and we spent all night talking and holding hands. But there was a rival for his affections: a girl I know called Lucy, who is very beautiful. At this time, however, I didn't feel jealous or threatened by her.

The next morning I saw Lucy in the house - she was wearing strange leggings which didn't fully cover her butt. She looked lovely but I quickly became very paranoid that I had a similar sartorial problem (insecurity much?)
Kenneth (a boy I went to school with) barged into my room in this house, clearly pissed off, and said that he supported me and that it "had to be me", referring to the rivalry between me and Lucy for this boy's affections.

Then all of a sudden I was in my kitchen, very very upset, and crying. I was trying to sort the cutlery, but the forks kept sticking together, and I couldn't get them to separate. I had horrific scars on my wrists, as if I had been self-harming (which I never have, FYI), and blood kept dripping into the cutlery drawer. My flatmate Chris came into the kitchen and tried to talk to me, but I refused to speak to him, only saying that I was "heartbroken". Then I woke up.

What does this mean? The hill, and the determination and the falling seem very symbolic, as does the blood in the drawer.

Additionally, and this sounds incredulous, but when I went through to the kitchen this morning after this dream, my flamate Rae had the cutlery drawer open, and the forks were sticking together, and I got the most amazing deja vu. Clearly this is not some meaningless dream.

Also, to set the scene, I am single, and have no obvious targets/crushes at the moment.
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Maybe your dream is trying to tell you to stay on track with your goals and not to let anything get in the way. Just stay focused.
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I would say your dream is telling you to stay strong and to never give up!
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Hmm, that's crazy and all over the place. Maybe it's telling you to stay on track with the goal you're trying to achieve, and to not let anything get in your way, because that may be harmful to yourself and your progress. I think the scars and cuts are symbolic of self harm, and since a big part of your dream had to do with climbing a mountain and achieving success... Maybe your brain is trying to tell you to stay focused on the losing weight right now.
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