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I hate going to the dentist because I have ALOT of dental problems.
I actually like my dentist office though and am comfortable with everyone there if not Id probably never go.
But I love getting my teeth cleaned.
I just had a cleaning last week I like the way it makes your teeth feel so clean and nice. And I can almost fall asleep in their comfy chairs.
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Well, I have a really small mouth and really sensitive teeth. So it's usually fairly unpleasant and I get tears at the corners of my mouth. That being said, a routine cleaning doesn't bother me all that much. It's much worse when I have to get a filling, because my silly sensitive teeth are very reactive to the white/composite filling stuff and therefore hurt for about 2 weeks AFTER the filling is done. Which is never pleasant.
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Originally Posted by cbmare View Post

mazza, was there some reason you PM'd your profile to me?
Um.... no. I didn't PM my profile to you.. or at least I didn't intend to. I sent you a message of support after reading the thread you posted regarding the loss of a loved one.
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I like going to my dentist because he's soooo cute and nice and we totally click. HATE the hygienist though, and hate having any procedure done.

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I hate it. I have a small mouth, too. Even after just a cleaning my arms will be cramping from clenching my hands on the armrests so tightly. Hate it.
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I love it. I have terrible teeth- low enamel- tiny, sharp, but I've always felt relaxed there. Even as a child I would fall asleep during cleanings and fillings, and i'm such a relaxed patient, that my dentist gave me free lumineer veneers because he wanted to try them and I was a good test subject. I also have a really high pain threshold. I rarely need novacaine for a filling.
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Originally Posted by mazza View Post
Um.... no. I didn't PM my profile to you.. or at least I didn't intend to. I sent you a message of support after reading the thread you posted regarding the loss of a loved one.

I answered you. It was because there was only a "." in the subject line and I didn't see it. I clicked on your name and it opened your profile.

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I love going to the dentist...only for the compliments though. I have perfectly straight teeth with no braces needed and I have never had a cavity, so they gush over my teeth. Hey I gotta take my compliments on my appearance where I can get them!

My fiance says they tell everyone they have perfect teeth. Is this true?

The last time I went though...they did this sandpaper type floss thing between my teeth and that was torture!!!! I can't stand that scraping reminds me of the feeling when u tear cotton balls apart. Gives me chills! I do have to get my wisdom teeth out soon though. They are impacted. That may give me a different opinion of the dentist since I have never had anything done other than cleanings and a cap on a chipped tooth. We will see.
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i was traumatized by dentists as a kid. just hearing the drill would send me into a panic. one time i was held down while they drilled on my jaw to get out a wisdom tooth and told- "you don't feel anything."
i DID feel it!!!
i have had root canal with a doctor who actually yelled at me because i cant keep my tmj mouth open.
well, i hadnt gone to the dentist in over 12 years. the last one i tried to go to told me i was too nervous and he could not work with me.

finally, about a month ago, i went with my husband to a new dentist he had been to. he had to announce to everyone in the waiting room that i hadn't been to a dentist in over a decade. lovely. he assumed i was going to have all kind of work needed.

guess what? i got through it and no cavities or serious work needed! the only thing i needed was a space filled in where i have brushed too hard. they did it and i got through it with only some minor clenching of the seat. during the procedure, they shot a lot of water in my mouth and i told the dentist that it was dental water boarding. he said "well, you chose to come to guantanamo dental"
i thanked him for his humor after. it made all the difference for me. im not scared to go back now.
AND obsessive oral hygiene paid off! lol!

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I like going to the dentist. The feeling after its visit is so nice! Plus he always praises my lovely teeth.

Of course, I also like going to my dentist because he is like THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN I ever saw. I don't mind going through the pain because I keep looking into his eyes.

Thinking about it, I do believe I am a wacko.
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I had a really bad experience with getting a tooth filled one time, after six needles the novacaine still was not working and by that time I just wanted it done, shear torture. I changed dentists and told the next one he better numb me from the neck up.............he does, lol. Hate going, hate paying, but feel good afterwards.
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I don't mind too much, particularly if it is for more than a cleaning and I get laughing gas.

I have had several fillings replaced this year and like Amanda, they are very sensitive for the next several weeks. I also had a root canal in November and I was so happy to get the root canal and get rid of the horrible pain that I could have hugged my dentist afterward.
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Originally Posted by Shopaholic1204 View Post
I used to love going to the dentist. I dunno why, lol. But then when I needed a filling, my dentist was this really awful grumpy guy. And mouth wasnt even numbed all the way, and when I told him, he didnt believe me. I felt EVERYTHING!!!! I cried the whole time!! He still didnt believe me, even with all the tears and all. It was horrible. I havent been back to the dentist since then. So I take extra care of my teeth now.
Ugh, how terrible! I have always had painful, sensitive teeth. I had a lot of huge fillings that I got when I was a kid so my teeth were always very sensitive to temperature, which made even simple things like cleanings very painful because it felt like they were shooting ice water onto my cold-sensitive teeth! When I complained about it, the hygenist said, "You've had a root canal in that tooth; you can't be feeling anything in it" and kept shooting the water. So, like you , I decided I was done and not going back again. Ever.

I stuck to that plan for several years until my teeth started crumbling away around those 30 year old fillings. Eventually I HAD to go back. By then, my dentist's practice had been taken over by a younger man (in his 30s and quite the hunk!). I just bared my soul to him, told him that I was a huge baby, that even cool water makes my teeth painful, and that I need LOTS of novocaine. I ended up having to get 5 or 6 crowns on my poor teeth with the crumbling fillings, and guess what--WAY reduced temperature sensitivity! I know this remedy won't work for some people, but it turned out to work for me.

Now that all the crowns are done, I don't mind going for cleanings. I always ask for the same hygenist and she knows I'm a big baby, so she puts a numbing agent on my gums and keeps re-applying it throughout the cleaning.

I'm amazed that I go like I do now. For so long, I was terrified. I would stay awake and cry the night before I had to go, and I always cried while I was in the chair. I'm still tense and there is no way I will listen to music, because I want to know what's going on. But it's much, much better than it used to be.

If your dentist doesn't believe that you are hurting or doesn't seem to care, then it's time to find a new dentist. With modern techniques being what they are, a painful visit is a reflection on the lack of skill of the dentist! Just my opinion.
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I don't mind going... I never really liked the ortho when I had braces though! haha...

I always love the feeling after a good cleaning!
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I just feel awkward in the dentist's chair...they ask "does it hurt?" and it's like, "of course it hurts! you're poking my gums with a big metal stick" but at the same time I realize that's their job and I just want to get it over with. And I really don't like when people try to make conversation but it's impossible to answer because their hand is in my mouth.
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