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Default Next door neighbor is sick...

My husband was talking outside to my next door neighbor today and the neighbor told him that he found out that he has advanced lung cancer(he's 62 yrs). My husband was smoking a cigarette at that exact moment-hubby quit sucessfully last year then started up again about 3-4mo ago. I looked out when I heard, my husband looked pale.
I work in healthcare and I nag the crap out of him when I smell the smoke on him-I tell him to come to work to see my pts that are in their 50's on oxygen and diff types of cancers from smoking. I truely hopes this scares him, I hope I don't sound mean but like kids, husbands don't listen their wives but if another tells them-that's different.
I told him last year that I wasn't goingto be one of those wives that walk in the mall with himand his oxygen. BTW-we're only 36 yrs.
How do you save someone from themselves?
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I'm not sure you can. There is only so much you can do for somebody who is in denial, it has to be purely their own incentive that makes them want to stop. All addicts know they have a problem, but they can only give up when they want to.

Sorry. I hope he does quit though...if he has quite before I'm sure he can do it successfully again.

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I was born this way hey!
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First of all..sooo sorry about your neighbor. That is just really sad. Second, I really hope your hubby quits again. Third..I think with a lot of love and encouragement, you can help someone help themselves.
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I think your hubby will realize it all by himself
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As a smoker, I can tell you, no matter how much people nag at us to quit, we never truly will until WE are ready. Just like weight loss, you can't do it seriously unless your heart wants to.
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I can dream, can't I?
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I tried to quit many times and failed. The last effort was made the day my Dr. told me my circulation was bad and I might eventually lose my toes. He said that it starts with the toes and then maybe the leg. I went home, smoking my cig in the car, of course. But, funny thing, when I kicked off my shoes later and looked at my toes, I realized I liked them better than a smoke. I called the Dr. and asked for the patch, which he gladly gave, and never had another smoke. This was over 14 years ago.
My loved ones had been nagging me, my kids hated the smoke, and I just kept at it. Sometimes it takes a real eye opener. Maybe your husband had his eye opener with the neighbor. *fingers crossed*
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