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I don't know how to knit and at the moment I'm still trying to get the hang of crocheting. Only took me 10 years of trying off and on to learn. Guess that's what I get from trying to learn from a rightie when I'm a leftie

However, I've always been in awe of those who could knit, like my grandma. I get confused just watching her.
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I found a great software program called Knitware. There is also a yahoo group for knitware users, and the creator of the program is a member of the group (I don't think she's the moderator though).

I downloaded the free download versions. I will eventually buy the full versions, which allow custom sizing and the ability to save the patterns in the program (you can print the patterns or cut and paste into a document to save).

I thought I would have to wait to buy the full version before I could make a sweater for myself, but i was able to adjust the fit of the largest size to make a sweater for myself (I'll attach a photo when I can).

It was so much fun creating the pattern (you can choose hand or machine knit or crochet). I chose a top down construction, shallow round neck, thigh length, pullover with half-length sleeve and A-line shaping (you can also choose ribbings and hems for the sweater and sleeves as well as neckline shaping, collars and hoods and pullover or cardigan.

I actually ended up making a few adjustments to the pattern while crocheting, as I made the sleeve and sweater a bit shorter than I had specified in creating the pattern.

This software is so addictive, I want to make sweaters for everybody in my family for Christmas. Not to mention a bunch more for myself.

I love this sweater. It may be too big for me by the time I can wear it though (well, I can hope, anyway). Even though it's a shorter sleeve, the sweater is acrylic. It's a light baby weight yarn, but still too warm for this time of year. It'll be great for cooler weather, though. I'm going to create a new pattern for some cotton thread I have in my stash (size 10), though with that thin a yarn, I probably won't finish it until it's too cold for it. Maybe I can go buy some sugar & cream or other cotton worsted to make a sweater.

For crochet or hand knit, you crochet a guage swatch in the stitch you want to use, and then you fill in a drop down screen as to your guage and the multiple of stitches you will need for the pattern and the size hook or needle you are using.

I also downloaded the skirts, ponchos and shawls program and the basics (which makes simple sweaters and maybe hats, for stuffed animals, dolls, kids, and people), but I've only used the sweater program, so far.
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I'm interested origami!)) Really fascinated)
Try this - MinionCorner Bookmark
Great to do with the kids!)

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I like origami too!))
Made cute Origami Shark last week))
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I'm knitting headbands and socks taught myself via youtube videos it's so great for relaxing
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