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Default Crabby mood and can't get out of it... stupid rant

Don't you hate it when you get so cranky that you just don't want to talk to anyone? And you have to go to work and people try to make small talk with you (people who irritate you even when you're in a good mood) and you can't even pretend to be nice because you just can't find it in you? LOL
I've been up since 3 and I have a huge blemish on my face and I don't want anybody even LOOKING at me and I can't help it-I have to go to work. And there are other people there. And people talk to each other Argh! I want to go home. and be alone
sorry had to let that out
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Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, except for me it was school instead of work. Just hang in there; you'll be home before you know it and then there's a whole glorious weekend ahead of you that you can spend NOT being confronted by annoying people, and doing stuff that actually makes you happy.
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It's on days like this that I'm glad I'm a SAHM. But there's still the grocery store clerks to tend with...
I totally understand-- I taught 8th grade for 6 years and the kids can't just leave you alone if you're in a bad mood. THey kind of egg it on or ask you in front of the whole class, "what's wrong? WHy are you in such a bad mood? Did your boyfriend have a fight with you?" Ugh...
My sympathies are with you. Just keep trucking and keep telling yourself TGIF, TGIF, TGIF!
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I call those days weekdays
I've had my times... ^^ It's normal. Deep breath. Be as polite & concise as possible. And make yourself busy to make the time pass.
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Thanks for your replies.
I know it sounds so shallow, but I just feel so UGLY today. I have a stupid ingrown eyebrow hair and it's all swollen and angry and you can't help but notice it b/c it's right above my eye in the area between the lid and the brow so I feel all distorted and UGLY! And it hurts when I don't even touch it.
poor me hahaha It's contributing to my awful mood b/c I know these things take forever to go away and it's nasty looking.
sorry for the rant
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