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Default Oooo nooooesss...

I am now a statistic in the Chicago Itch Mite infestation.

My feet are red, bumpy and itchy. Shoes and socks hurt! And DH and I have our walk-a-thon planned for Saturday!!

Benadryl cream does nothing, calamine does nothing. Any ideas?
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Gosh... see your doctor? And maybe reschedule the walk. Sorry!

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The article you pointed to says this:

This type of itch mite only bites and doesn't infest, Arnold said. So anti-itch cream should relieve common symptoms, she said.

However, officials said individuals with severe cases should consult a physician. They warn that heavy scratching may worsen the condition and cause a more serious infection."

So maybe just some anti-itch cream? If that doesn't help, see the doc!
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I'm sorry!
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Try taking Benadryl capsules/tablets. Benadryl topically really doesn't work well. The caps/tabs (doesn't matter which one...should be pink&white box that says Benadryl Allergy) will probably make you sleepy though. As far as a topical, try some Lanacaine or hydrocortisone cream. If it really gets bad you may have to see the MD for something stronger.
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I heard about that on the news. Eek.

(Stays home and hides)
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You could try lighting yourself on fire...which is what I would be tempted to do. I HATE being itchy. Try an oatmeal bath like Aveeno or an Alumboro soak. When I was a hairdresser back in the perm-crazed 80's, I used to use Alumboro on my infected hands and it did wonders. You mix a solution in a bowl, dip a washcloth into it and dab it onto the infected areas. I used to just dip my hands in the solution...that and stick my hands in snowdrifts, but those are hard to come by this time of year. Speaking of that, have you tried putting ice on the infected areas? It does work well to numb areas and reduce swelling.

Good have my extreme sympathy and I hope it ends for you sooner than later.
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