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Default Clothes/Accessories obsessions?

Is the myth that all women are obsessed with shoes apply to you? Or perhaps dresses? Pants? Shirts?

I have a purse obsession like there is NO. OTHER. I despised them when I was younger and felt that if it didn't fit in my wallet, I really didn't need it. I now have about 10+ purses and just keep collecting. *facepalm* I went as far as to go into a Burberry store (no, you read that right) and just scan the purses there. I found one I was in love with that was 50% off--too bad it was still 179 dollars. I looked at my mom and went "I'm so tempted to just buy it..."

I also have this thing for converse shoes. Every color, every pattern, I want it.

Anything you guys are obsessed with?
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I find I have an obssession with something and then I move on to another thing. At one point it was purses, then shoes and now it's tops.

I undrstand your Converse obsession I just picked up the milk and black leather mary janes and I'm going to buy the leather high tops for the fall.
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I am the same way! It was jeans and belts for a little while and now it is work out clothes. I saw the cutest outfits in More that I have to have!! I figure I should look cute all the time even though I am working out.
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Suede. I don't have suede pants...not with my current lower half, not just yet. But I do have, oh, about 6-8 suede jackets, suede boots, suede handbag.
The pic below is like the ideal outfit to me...except I'd make the boots a much lower heel or flat. I'm not crazy...I don't believe in suffering for fashion. I've got a few of those kind of short jackets (man, I miss wearing them, I hate summer, lol) but I'd love to go for the outfit. LOL, I don't really do rewards, but I think when I get to goal or thereabouts, I'm going to get this or something like it.'ll be cool/cold weather season at that point.
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I'm definitely obsessed with clothing.
Right now I have several obsessions going on with clothes -
Corsets. I -love- corsets... I only have possession of one right now, it was my mother's white corset that she wore for her wedding. But I am constantly looking at pictures of them on the web, dreaming of the day that I'll have one.

Boots. Combat boots, knee-high leather boots with 3-inch chunky platforms, boots with tons of lacing, buckles, trinkets, all kinds of things added on.

and finally.. Skirts. Added to my collection constantly are more and more skirts. Full, gathered skirts, lots and lots of tulle, sometimes heavily tattered. Extremely full pink sweet lolita skirts, with all kinds of ribbons, lace, and cutesy things added on.

Oh, I could go on for days..
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raises hand for purses--my daughters is flip flops....
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Love purses.

And you only have 10? I will go hang my head in shame now. I have maybe 20. At least.
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My shoe of choice is Tevas, I have 2 pairs of Dozer sandals which are great for my lunchtime walk and I hanker for a pair of Shay Mary Janes (which look to be closing out). I also recently got a pair of J41s, and around the house I wear Crocs. I LIKE Tevas, Js and Crocs, and an Unforgivable Curse I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on anyone who says they're ugly!!!!
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Originally Posted by sfj View Post
Love purses.

And you only have 10? I will go hang my head in shame now. I have maybe 20. At least.
I would have more, but my mother thought that since I'm not using a few right now, that gave her permission to give some away. I was NOT a happy camper.
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Dr. Martens for me. Love them - want them all... Some day when I'm thin enough I want some hot tall mid-calve or even knee high boots. Oh yeah!!

Oddly enough, I don't have very many pairs of shoes... but I do love the ones I have.
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so close, yet so far...
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another purse fiend here... so much that I had my hubby go out and buy me an amoire of sorts (more like an industrial cabinet that belongs in your garage) to fit all my stuff. Santa Monica, you're young yet... I've got at least 60 , I have a plastic container full of leather wallets as well, I'm not talking shoe box size either.

I'm into shoes as well, but I do throw them out (or donate them) if I don't wear them within a year. I guess I have a packrat tendency with the purses though.

And lastly, I collect Pez
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What a fun question! For me it's make up. I've been obsessed with cosmetics since I was about 7, when I would paint my face, wash it all off, and start again. I've gotten quite good at make up application but have never had training. I looooove to buy new colours - eye shadows, lipsticks, anything, just hand it over!! It's very creatively stimulating for me. My only rule with make up is that it isn't tested on animals, so that helps curb my spending, as there are many popular brands out there who are a no-go for me. I also love dresses - pretty, girly, sexy, trampy, any kind, although I don't wear them so much when I'm unhappy with my weight
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I don't think I have an obsession for shopping perse...I like to shop. I like purses, shoes, clothes, who doesn't, lol? I do buy lots of polish...I love my hands and toe nails to look pretty. And thongs are my thing too! I've got some to match just about every pair of capri pants and shorts in my closet, lol.

My real obsession though is buying Christmas cards, address labels and candles! My DH kids that I have enough Christmas cards & labels to last ten years. I told him no, just 5, lol. It's no joke though, that's the sad part. I've actually cut back on the labels but I will always buy Christmas cards no matter how many I have, lol. And candles too!
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I am a sucker for cute little skirts.

Just bought this one. Love it.

Also love this look, because I'm bigger on top so the fuller print skirt balances me out.
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I've been going back and forth about buying a COACH bag. I know I really can't afford it but everyone and their mom seems to have one. I just don't feel "cool" lol. I'm also scared to buy one cause a girl at work can't stop buying them now.
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