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Default Go Ahead ~ Laugh At Me!

For those of you I know who you are ...I am giving you a chance to laugh at me. Here is my true story ~

Tuesday evening I went into our garage to get my dogs their food. I placed the bowls of food into my left hand and grabbed a beer out of our soda/beer fridge. As I was closing the door somehow the bottle fell straight down onto the concrete floor causing an explosion! The bottle split in half with the top half, cap and all, hitting my right eye like a missle instantly! It knocked me for a loop to say the least. Realizing I was bleeding I grabbbed a towel out of my batroom right around the corner and applied pressure to the wound. I cleaned up the mess...thinking this might make the boo-boo go away

As I went upstairs I heard Angie say "dinner's ready"...she was already seated at the table...I sat down and mumbled something about "we may need to hurry and eat, it could be a long evening at urgent care" as I removed the towel from my head. She looks at me and says..."hummm...where is your eye?" I tell her I think it is under the swelling but the last I saw it, it was crossed! She tells me to eat my chicken and to keep applying pressure, so compassionate she is. She finishes her dinner, grabs a book and her crossword puzzle from the paper and says "get in the car, you need stitches."

I leave urgent care a few hours later with 4 stitches just below my eyebrow and a patch over my eye, with a note to call the specialist in the morning...they had already conntacted her about my "crossed" eye.

Things are about as good as they can be at the moment. I have a real sore swollen eye...totally black and blue. The bottle caused a deep cut near my eye and put cuts across my eyeball. The doctor says that I will probably have some scar tissue that may cause some blurriness in my looking forward to that.. Things could have been much worse. The crossed eye I saw was from the swelling...the crossed eye the urgent care doctor was trying to explain was not a crossed eye but crosses "across" my eye.

To answer your first two questions ~ #1 NO! I was not was going to be my second beer and #2 NO! I am not switching to cans...can't stand beer in cans. I did put a rug under the door of the fridge, maybe that will help ease another explosion!

There is my story...funny...not funny ha-ha...but funny...
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Onward and Downward
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I really don't think you could irritate anyone enough that they would want to laugh about that horrid little accident . . . so glad to hear it didn't turn into a more major disaster . . . take care; and be sure you do everything the doctors tell you to do . . .
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Finding My Bliss
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I am so sorry that happened to you and I hope you heal quickly with no lasting aftereffects.
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I have less blubber!
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Awwww sorry to hear about that. I know it must have been scary!

I have been closely following your heartfelt tales about your daughter and now husband. I think you sound like a great dad, if not just a little overprotective..

Maybe you can guilt trip her into coming home early from her honeymoon if she hears dear old dad had such a horrible accident.
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Moderating Mama
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Gary - I know that I won't laugh at you...I have an accident that silly (and usually almost as injuring) with enough regularity that you have my complete sympathy...the most recent was the 3 stitches I had to have in my finger (yep, just before the wedding day) from cutting myself with a kitchen knife while washing dishes...less than 3 inches away from the place where I cut myself, with the same knife, while washing dishes, less than 3 months previous, in the exact same manner.

My grandpa always told me that clumsy things happen because people who are very intelligent have minds that move faster than their bodies...and when your mind is so far ahead, your body struggles to keep up and does clumsy things. So think of it this way...each accidental injury is another sign of your incredible intelligence!

Hope you feel better soon - follow orders and take time to heal!

Oh, and be VERY glad you didn't have that black eye for the wedding photos...your daughter would not have been amused.
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Gary, so sorry to hear about the accident! Glad the injury wasn't worse. Thankfully the eye itself is one of the fastest healing organs of the body. I'm sure the scarring won't trouble you much. And good thing for putting down that rug! We had to do the same thing with our garage fridge after I dropped a bottle of beer--although it just broke rather than explode!

I sure like Amanda's grandpa's explanation of why we're clumsy!!!
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so close, yet so far...
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Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!! Sorry to hear of your misfortune matey. Seriously, get well soon and I hope you have no long-lasting repercussions to your vision and sense of humor. Maybe you could switch to those newfangled plastic "bottles" they sell at concerts or stadiums.

ps. the Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiered last weekend.

Your friend,
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One day at a time
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Ouch! Who would laugh at that? Not me...sorry to hear about your eye. Hoping all is well and it gets better soon
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One pound at a time.
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Ouch that hurt. I'm really impressed at Angie eating her dinner so clamly then getting her reading material and driving you to the hospital.

Look after yourself and watch that eye.
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Addicted to potato salad!
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...and you don't even irritate me!!

Seriously, glad your eyeball isn't skewered at the end of the beer bottle. Were you loading up to watch the hockey game?

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Yikes!! Take care of yourself. That sounds quite painful...
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Take care Gary ---I wont laugh at THATS the reason. I'm glad there is an explanation for why my legs could get dh arrested
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Walking by faith
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Default Gary...

I'm not laughing Angie was a whole lot calmer than I would have been

Hope you'll be feeling better soon!

P.S. Still waiting for wedding pictures
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Moderating Mama
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My grandfather - he is a very smart man.
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Haha, ennay, we're twins! I'm constantly so bruised and battered - with NO idea why, other than knowing that I'm generally clumsy - that I'm always telling my boyfriend that he'd better be nice to me or I'll turn him in. Once I was at a new doctors, and she sent my mother out of the room to grill me about all the bruises since I'd told her I had a new boyfriend... I felt terrible but I couldn't help laughing. It's a convenient excuse, but no, I'm just a mess.
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