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Default A deer hunting joke!

It seems a well- to- do lawyer from the big city decided to take up deer hunting. He traveled out to the country, found an area that looked good to him and started watching for deer. Soon, a 6 pt buck came along, the lawyer took careful aim and shot. The deer fell down, but got up and took off as the lawyer approached him. The fancy lawyer was not about to let the deer get away and chased after him. He followed the deer through the thickets and brush until the deer finally jumped a fence, fell down and died. The lawyer climbed over the fence and was trying to drag the deer back toward the woods, when an old farmer walked up. The farmer asked the lawyer what he thought he was doing. The lawyer explained that he had shot the deer and was taking it back. The farmer explained that the deer was on his property and he would do no such thing. After a bit of arguing the lawyer threatened to sue the farmer for all he had. The farmer told him that was not how they settled things in the country. To settle an argument in the country, each man was allowed to hit the other three times. They would each take turns (3 hits at a time) until only one was standing or one gave up. The lawyer looked at the farmer (who appeared to be in his 70's) and knew he could take the old man and have a little fun doing it. The lawyer agreed and told the old farmer to take his best three shots. The farmer, smiling hit the lawyer as hard as he could in the stomach. The lawyer doubled over but stood back up. For the second shot, the farmer punched the man in his adam's apple. The lawyer fell back full of pain, but somehow managed to get back up. For the third and final shot, the farmer kicked the man in his groin. The lawyer dropped and thought he was dead. He rolled around for a few minutes cussing the old farmer. Using all his strength (thinking of what he was fixing to do this this farmer) he managed to stand up. The lawyer smiling, said "Ok, old man now it is my turn!" The farmer smiled and said "Oh, What the heck--- I give up --- take the deer." and walked back to the house laughing all the way.
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Good one Tippy.hope I can remember it to tell my husband!
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