21 questions?????

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  • Neither, but if a gun was put to my head I would say have heart broken.

    What annoys you more than anything else in the world??
  • My mother!

    Who is your favorite actor/actress?
  • right now its channing tatum he is so cute too..lol

    What is are you most afraid of in this world?
  • Being completely alone.

    What is your favorite 'me time/relaxing' activity?
  • reading...

    What do you look for in another person?
  • hmmm.. My Top 3 .. funny, someone who likes me even when i freak out..lol and outgoing..and the list goes on..

    Whats one thing in your past you would do over if you had the chance??
  • I'd pretty much entirely re-do high school - I was painfully shy and never really made friends because I just assumed nobody liked me. Now that I have more social skillz I think if I re-did it I might have had a better time. Then again, high school was 5 years ago, who really needs to go back?

    A passenger train leaves the train depot 2 hours after a freight train left the same depot. The freight train is traveling 20 mph slower than the passenger train. Find the rate of each train, if the passenger train overtakes the freight train in three hours.
  • wat .. no clue.. lol i was never good at that..

    What is one thing you most remember about your childhood?
  • I am gonna share One of several very good memories:
    One year when I was about 5 to 6 or so My dad was jingling a bell on christmas eve & saying santa & rudolf was flying over the house~I was so excited & would run to the door to see them in the sleigh & He would say I missed them~then he would jingle the bell again & I would run like a maniac & always miss them~thinking it was my brothers getting in my way~LOL~cause of course they was running to look too~Although they proboly wouldn't admit it now days~hehehe of course I didn't know he was ringing a bell until I got older & realized santa & rudolf wasn't real~Thought that was cool of my dad~Anyways..Dad passed away in 2007~I will always hold him & that moment dear to my heart!

    If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
  • I would have my gpa and gma be in perfect health.. so they could be around for a long time..

    What is one bad habit you have?
  • Awwwwwe that was so sweet!

    One bad habit......I like to stop at every yard sale I see ~LOL!

    What is the most expensive thing u own Or are buying?
  • I don't have too many expensive things... College student :-/ . Probably my thousand-dollar laptop.

    What was the first album/CD you ever bought?
  • hmm... Brittney spears 1st cd lol that was bac in the day haha.. now no one buys cds... its all free on you tube..

    If it was possible would you like to know when you were going to die?or would you rather live your life without that knowledge...
  • I don't want to know when or how

    What was the first concert you ever went to?
  • hmm.. i believe it was when i was like 9. it was a christian concert at a stadium.

    Would you buy your child a brand new car for their sweet 16th birthday?(i would have loved one but the parents didnt go for it..lol)