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Default Does low gycemic (or Sugar Busters) really work?

I stumbled across this website looking for info on the low glycemic diet. Is that what SB's is? I want to lose weight so badly but don't not sure this would work. If anyone here has done it please let me know. It seems like something I could do but not sure about the weight loss part.
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There is a diet called The Low Glycemic Diet, and there is also Sugar Busters, and even a few more that are based on the glycemic scale. We do have many successful members that have lost weight on Sugar Busters. My advice to you is to read all over the Sugar Buster forums and see what you think. I also followed SB at one time in my life, and it was very easy to stick with. It wasn't loaded with rules, which made it easier for me to remember what I was supposed to be doing.
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Babwood: YES! Low Gycemic DOES work. And Sugar Busters is a GREAT way to go about it. I lost 25 pounds on this way of eating so easily and with little to no exercise. I've been stuck for a long time, but I'm really just at a point in my journey where I need to get into an exercise routine that I can stick with and be successful at. I suggest you buy the book or maybe look for it at your local library and read it. Like most books that are about certain ways of eating, the book explains it all. At the end of the day, you will find that Sugar BUsters is really all about eating VERY healthily, lots of fruits and veggies, WHOLE grains, protiens and cutting out added sugars and 'the whites', meaning white potatoes, white rice and white flour. For breakfast this morning, I'm having 1/4 cantaloupe, 1/2 an orange and a decent bowl of hot, creamy oatmeal with Splenda and milk. For lunch I will have some chicken and sausage stew leftovers from dinner last night and maybe a salad.

I could go on and on...but my biggest advice at this point is to READ THE BOOK! I love Sugar Busters. Its truly the only diet I've ever been able to stick to.
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Default thanks for the info

Thank you both for the information. I'll get the book and look around on the website. Thanks alot!
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Barbara, yes, Sugarbusters DOES work. We have several ladies who have lost over 100 pounds eating according to the low glycemic Sugarbusters plan. Please join us, and check it out. Most of the SBers hang out here:
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Hello all . . . this is a very informative website. I found it out of desperation. I have been trying like heck to lose weight and I am struggling. I went down and got weighted in at Weight Watchers at 7pm tonite. I want to make a committment and I need support. This website seems like a wonderful resource. . . thanks for being here. Any other newbees out there?
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