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Default What to eat instead of bread??

What do others eat instead of having so much bread in their diet?
I have found a bread that I like, bad move, because now I can't get enough, so, what could I eat to give me that same "full stomach" feeling?
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I would love to know the answer to that, as well!

I've found that if I don't include bread and/or some kind of fibre (i.e., oatmeal or rice) to my meal, it doesn't keep me full for very long. It's kind of discouraging when you're trying to reduce carbs!
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I, too, am a bread lover. I only buy the Sara Lee Delightful whole wheat bread that is 1 WW point for 2 slices (80 calories for 2 slices). I even use it for low calorie chili dogs instead of hot dog buns. I also use La Tortilla whole wheat tortillas which are 50 calories each. I avoid having bread for breakfast by having oatmeal or high fiber cereal. So, I don't avoid bread totally, I just don't allow fattening bread in my house!
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I still eat bread. But like Dee said, I try and buy the 'light' varieties. Even light hamburger buns.

I don't eat a whole lot of bread, but I like my pita sammiches.
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i use rice gallettes...
not like bread at all...
but i do the sacrifice...
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I still have bread and pasta and such. Nothing can keep me full like the grain group. I just eat the right amount of portions.
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Default yummy

I buy the FLAT OUT bread at Walmart's deli. It's 1 point for a rather large wrap (like at a sub shop etc). You can get a few diff flavors. And my kids love it too and they are teenagers! I put tuna, chicken or egg salad, or you could make a turkey with Low fat cheese...will hold lettuce and tomato it in so it's very neat to eat!
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I mostly eat crispbreads now. They take longer to eat, I like the crunch, and you can get very healthy high fiber ones. To me sandwiches are about the filling, so it was easy to get used to this.
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I use the Sara Lee Delightful Whole Wheat Bread or use Whole wheat low-carb tortillas and make a wrap.
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I have one slice a day of sprouted 20 grain bread. It's delicious and filling, so I don't feel like eating a whole loaf! I don't think I could stay on my new way of eating if I couldn't have a slice of bread once in a while.

I also like Wasa Rye Crackers - they are quite big and only 30 calories each.

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I eat Oroweat Whole Wheat Bread. Two slices total up to be 80 calories and 7 grams of fiber. The slices are not big, but they're big enough to fill me up.
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I use Brownberry WholeGrain Classics, Health nut, Oat nut brand. It is very yummy and they give big slices too.

Brownberry Health Nut (2)
140 Calories 300 Sodium (mg) Fiber 2 (g)

Also this site may help you out:

I also enjoy the Whole Wheat Tortillas.

Another great link:

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Weight watchers whole wheat bread yumm
Low fat tortila wraps

It's hard to except these substitues because i love foccia bread
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Well butternut squash (made into fry's or baked or mashed), sweet-potatoe soup, mashed cauliflour, and 98% fat free clam chowder can curb cravings for "potaoe" carbs but I don't know about bread. I guess just get light bread and limit yourself as much as you can? (Like, don't just eat it as toast or alone, but save it only for when you have a sandwhich or french toast or something). If you're looking for lower-carb alternatives for sandwhiches you could try low-carb wraps, which often have hardly any calories.
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I get a loaf called "fiber for life" and it's 70 calories for 2 slices. It's very airy... probably not great if you're looking to fill up, but you can use the calories you save on bread for an extra couple slices of meat or something else that could help you feel more full.

Nutrition Info
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