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Default Featherweights on small calorie deficits

Any other featherweights on a small calorie deficit? I think it's 100-150, but I'm still working out how much I burn. I'm perfectly happily pottering along losing a small amount of weight and getting to eat nicely. What is life if you can't make a batch of biscuits (cookies) when your friends are round for board games, after all.

I lost 35lb or so seven years ago and some of it has come back. I've done the odd bit of dieting here and there, and started again six weeks ago, on a nice sensible 1300 cal plan. I already eat a healthy vegan diet, it was the snacking that was getting me, from stress or boredom.

Content note: illness, medical neglect, death, cancer.

The thing that has got me taking action is that we've realised I have autoimmune disorders. Sjögren's seems almost certain, and lupus looks very likely too. The wait for rheumatology is six months, I'm halfway through. The treatment for these things can be pretty heavy duty and can go for your weight either way, so I thought I may as well get a handle on it now. I've weighed myself a few times and it's possibly going down a bit, hard to tell, but I'm not going to get worried about it.

It's also helping me feel more in control of my body, more confident about it. The idea of finally having treatment after 21 years of disability is AMAZING (I have severe ME/CFS, there's no treatment and it means they stop looking for anything else), but it's scary too. I could lose my hair, and worse. I've always had lovely hair. So this feels like a nice thing I'm doing for myself.

The GP keeps asking whether I've lost weight, which is a little jarring. She doesn't mean "you're fat", I'm only a pound or two overweight. She is checking because I have an increasing number of swollen lymph nodes, and they're thinking about the possibility of cancer. It's probably the autoimmune shenanigans, this happens with lupus etc., as do the fevers and such, but of course cancer can cause those too. A friend of mine who had ME worse than I do wasn't getting medical care due to being bedbound, and they discovered a month ago that she had advanced seconded cancer. She died a fortnight later. That shook me up.

Erm, that got a bit grim, but anyway, dieting, right! I lost my home care after it all went wrong in the winter, so I am trying to do some cooking to give my partner a few nights off a week. I am using the slow cooker with frozen veg and dried beans, which turns out to be delightfully manageable even with this level of disability. Sometimes the smell in the afternoon makes me very hungry! There are lots of frozen veg and fruit available these days (mango curry is a favourite), and some lovely spice mixes available at the Indian supermarket down the road, ras el hanout and such.

My partner needs more food than I do, what with being bigger and more active. He's not that keen on rice, so now we get naan bread for him when I have a curry in the slow cooker, which gives him more calories too, and I can have fun with different rices. There's a nice brown jasmine rice, I'm getting very fond of red rice, and even black rice sometimes.

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