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Default Maybe I will come back...

So some of you will recognize me from previous posts/threads. I have been away since late July and I have yet to post publicly about this.

Long story short, fiance broke off wedding 30 days prior (actually the day I had my last dress fitting) after 11 years together. Tried counseling etc, but I ended up going to my destination wedding in Maui by myself to meet with family that couldn't get refunds etc.

During the stressful, will he or won't he call off the wedding my IBS kicked in hard and I had 2 weeks of straight diarrhea and dropped under 100 lbs.

I went anyway, took my wedding photos with my dog during a beach session (since photographer wouldn't budge on a refund) and tried to stay busy and make the best of it.

Came back, fiance had moved out and I had to downsize to a smaller apartment and move by myself. I did a lot of traveling and tried to stay active.

In October I finally learned he had been having an affair with his best friends wife for a year and a half while I planned our wedding. He now lives with her 3 blocks away in his friends house (gross!).

Fast forward to present, I made some new friends, have a busy social schedule, started dating again and feel better. However, the pounds have crept back since the holidays (thanks to parents comfort food) and now I think I might need to be accountable again.

I haven't been brave enough to step on the scale yet, but I need to soon.

It is good to see the regulars again, and I hope to re-join you soon.

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I am so sorry. What a horrible thing he put you through. In the end, not getting married to him was the best thing that could have happened to you, as bad as the process to find out was unfortunately.

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Thanks Jen, I appreciate the support!
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So sorry to hear this happened to you, but glad to hear that you're getting through it. Completely agree that not marrying him was the best thing that could have happened to you. Good to see you back here. Hang in there, girl!
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Ugh. What a roller coaster! I was supposed to be married in Aug 2017; it was called off in July.
We had more of an elope plan in place, so no impact to others..

I am glad to read that you are doing well and moving on after such a terrible blow.
And as others yes you are lucky you didn’t marry him as he turned out to not be who you believed.
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