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Default What do you eat in a normal day?

I'm always playing with my diet. What do you usually eat in a day?

Here's my typical during the week diet-
Quest bar (20 grams protein, 180 calories) and a bottle of water- 6:30am
Green apple and almond butter-10:00 am
Greek yogurt- 100 calories at 11:30
Premier protein (30 grams protein, 160 calories) at 1:30 pm
Quest bar if I am hungry at 4
Home- I'm normally not too hungry, broccoli with garlic sauce on the side, maybe four ounces of chicken or turkey, some kind of fruit

On the weekend, every Saturday we go to this BBQ place. I have some pulled pork, way too many French fries, and corn bread. That's the weekly junk.

I'm a teacher and at every meeting, there is junk food. I avoid it most of the time. If it's someone's birthday (once a month) I will definitely eat the cake. Once every two weeks I will get a cone at McDonald's (170 calories) or share ice cream with my husband (this is rarer)

If we are away, I eat the same. I bring food with me. If we eat out, it's vegetables and grilled chicken or a plain hamburger if there is a Steak and Shake (no fries).

If I have time on a weekend, this is one of my favorite things ever-
Green Shake
2 cups of ice
2 cups of spinach
1/2 banana
Scoop vanilla Designer Whey protein powder
1 tbs almond butter
2-3 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

This is about 400 calories and makes 40 ounces, a blender full. It goes bad if you don't drink it in a day.

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My "daily" routine has changed..... but I am trying to get into a typical routine in my daily eating.
First of all, I saw you on another forum.... and a biker teacher is cool. Lol.

So, here is my "daily" eating so far.....

4:30am a piece of toast to take vitamins.... and I start work at 5am (at home-- recent job).
9am- I usually eat something for 150 calories and I have found small pizzas that do the trick. This is my "lunch" time.
1:30 I try to eat a high protein lunch. I like the crusted Tilapia.
Then about 5pm I have supper..... which has been mixed.

I am still trying to get into a routine.... so this is not set in stone. I am thinking I will replace my pizza with a mini protein shake.....
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Harley forum?

Getting into a routine makes it easier. Working from home must be nice!
I leave at 5:30 am, get home at seven or a little earlier.

I used to work as a lawyer in NYC. Those hours were brutal.
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