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Question How much caffeine, if any, do you usually have in a day?

How much caffeine, if any, do you usually have in a day? Have you ever tried eliminating it?
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I don't drink coffee or much soda these days so my daily caffeine fix comes from 1-2 cups of either no sugar added hot cocoa or green tea. I have IBS-type issues so I've never been a big caffeine consumer because of what it does to my stomach.

Edited to add: I've eliminated it for a few days or weeks at a time here and there in my life, but since I don't consume much caffeine to begin with, I've never felt the need to completely cut it out.

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I used to drink a pot of french press coffee a day- about 3.5 cups
I decided to try having a green smoothie instead and find it gives me tons of energy without the amped anxious feeling of caffeine.
I do drink green tea sometimes also.
I can't drink coffee without half and half! The calories add up.
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I used to add milk to my coffee - and you're totally right Yogini99, those calories definitely add up. A few months ago, I began drinking my coffee black (only 2 calories for every 8 oz), and I honestly don't miss the milk.

As for the caffeine, I drink 1-2 cups a day. I notice that as I lose weight, I get more of a coffee buzz from just one cup. I switch to hot tea in the evenings (caffeine-free).

I've tried cutting out the caffeine, but my longest was 12 days without it. I figure that if I have to have one vice, it's going to be coffee. I'm not giving that up until a doctor tells me to!

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very small boned
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Yogini, did you notice any change in weight since giving up caffeine?
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I got this
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I usually just have one cup of coffee, sometimes decaf, sometimes not. No soda, just water.

I personally have not seen a change in weight or anything when it comes to caffeine but I guess it could be different for others.
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I drink lots of coffee and tea and I don't keep track of how much. I switch to decaf in the afternoon.

I tried giving up the caffeine for a while once (I had decided to do my best to combat cortisol). I did not think that helped me at all.

Rather, I believe that the hi-test coffee and tea help me feel more energetic, so I'm more likely to exercise more and I think it also helps suppress my appetite. But your mileage may vary and you might want to experiment to see how it affects you.
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I love coffee. I have given it up several times in my life to see if I could. I din't miss too much but found I was too relaxed to get things done at home. Coffee helps me to focus and gives me energy. I consider part of my remedy for winter blues as well, as it's a nice mood elevator. It's also a bronchodilator so can help with asthma.

My coffee ritual is to make two cups of very strong Tasters Choice instant coffee in the morning--probably 1/4 - 1/3 cup total of actual coffee, with vanilla whey protein shake for lightener.

During the day I might have a double espresso at work, or black coffee now & then. I used to drink much more. Sometimes it keeps me awake, if there are things I'm worried about. When life is sailing along, I can drink coffee before bedtime and still sleep soundly.
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I have one cup of coffee in the morning, not particularly strong or large (prob 6 ounces) with unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Later in the day, I will drink Yerba Mate if I feel like I need more pep. Often I will have a cup of green tea with lemon in the afternoon if I am sleepy. Sometimes I will drink unsweetened black iced tea around lunchtime, but this is infrequent and mostly in the summer.

So overall it's not that much, though it is coming from a variety of sources. If I accidentally get a coffee from a coffee shop that is too strong then I am WIRED for hours . Also if I drink coffee after around noon, I won't be able to sleep at night (crazy but I have tested it - a cup of green tea doesn't affect me that way but I also wouldn't drink that in the evening).

I wish I could give up caffeine! It affects me unpredictably - sometimes making me jittery and spacey... but alternatively, I am headache-y and spacey without it.

I am very sensitive to caffeine withdrawal. I have gone off completely several times. It is a week+ long process with blinding headaches.

BUT I decided (partly based on previous debates on 3fc) that caffeine is OK. I just wish I wasn't *addicted* to it. It stinks when traveling or taking fasting blood tests that I am dependent on my morning boost...
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i loooove coffee and used to drink it once or twice a day. i've switched to green tea though because i didn't like the caffeine withdrawal i got whenever i didn't get my fix. it was rough for a while but now i find that i can drink 1-3 cups of green tea a day and not miss it if i skip it. i think that green tea in the morning helps control or distract me from my hungry until lunch though, so i usually drink it every morning.
i try not to drink any caffeine after 4pm on weekdays though, because then i stay up until 1 am alphabetizing my nail polish or cleaning the bathroom (jk, i hate cleaning the bathroom).
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I drink tea, I aim for 2 cups of green tea a day since it aids with weightloss and it's just really healthy in general. Sometimes I'll swap one out for a cup of coffee when I'm at my BF's house. Other than that, I'll have a special occasion where I want starbucks or something. But that's it.
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Originally Posted by girl81 View Post
Have you ever tried eliminating it?

Heck no, I'd be a danger to society without coffee.

2-3 cups.
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3 cups of black coffee, my heart is prob not happy
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I used to have at least 3 cups of coffee with fake sugar sweetener in it every single morning, and then plenty of diet soda, more coffee, whatever throughout the day.

Now I'm pregnant and have switched to mostly only non-caffeine teas, iced since it's summer, just a glass or two of green or oolong occasionally. I noticed that since I stopped drinking the coffee in the morning, I now get super hungry for breakfast...before I'd always skip it. And I also enjoy the taste of non-sweetened drinks a whole lot more now. I plan on keeping the coffee to a minimum even after the baby comes if I can, and at least sticking to black.
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I have one cup of regular a day and sometimes one cup of decaf in the afternoon. It really depends, but I enjoy it.
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