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Default Upset and Frustrated.

EDIT*** Posted this in the wrong thread, and I can't delete it, will post again in the right thread. Mods you can delete it here!!!

I've never started a post before but I need to today to vent just a bit so sorry in advance.

I started losing weight again November 1st and have been pretty successful, I've stayed on plan almost the whole time, minus a 3 week vacation in January and have lost 10kg/22 pounds in the 3.5 months.

Anyway what really helped is tracking everything. I log my calories daily on MFP and have an excel sheet that tracks a ton. I have a sheet for exercise planning, another to track a weekly weigh-in, a third for tracking weight loss- including how long it took for me to lose each kg, each 2.5%, 5%, 7.5% and 10% loss and finally one for measurements. It may seem a bit obsessive but it really helps me to see that I'm making progress and how evenly spread out my weight loss had been. I think each of my first 3 2.5% losses took 21 or 22 days. And while I do weigh-in daily the weekly weigh-ins were a nice reminder that although I may yo-yo daily each week I was heading down.

I have the file saved on a usb so I can play around with it at school and at home. Which brings me to the problem. I don't know how but I accidentally stepped on the USB while it was plugged into my computer at work, I really don't know how this happened and it's broken. I tried unplugging it at work a couple times and plugging it back in with no luck, then I forgot about it and just assumed it would work at home. It's my 2nd USB in the last 6 months and the last one wouldn't work on that specific computer but worked at home. Well I'm at home now and it does not work.

I feel like my last 3.5 months was for nothing. I know this makes no sense as I'm 10 kilos down and clearly much healthier and that's so much more important than a stupid file. But I still feel like all that hard work is gone and I am going to have to start all over, again. I don't know why but I am really upset about this right now, it's TOM so I guess I'll blame that. But it also bothered me that my fiancé, who knows how much time I spend on the computer, either here, on MFP, or on that excel file, doing my, as I call it, 'my fat people stuff', doesn't understand why I'm so upset. Which is why I needed to rant, but rant over. Thanks for reading.

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Sorry Changegirl that you're so upset.
I don't keep a journal or anything, for me I live in the present ...this wonderful gift I have learned from my Dogs. Today is here live ,feel it ,work today,tomorrow is not here yet so fretting about it will only have negative impact. The past is just that the past you have no power to change what has a occurred ,you can't go back and un-ring a bell.
I have a very good memory I can recall ...the Important Stuff!
It is of no consequence how many lbs I lost 2 months ago...what I had to eat 3 Wednesdays ago...
What matters is what I'm doing differently that makes me successful today that Will impact my life in a positive way.
Learn to me happy today and enjoy the here and now a line from a song these are the good old days.
Be present in today and enjoy this day will never come again.
I don't think you lost anything ...I think you could have gained freedom from be tethered to the past.
Life is about moving forward...stop looking in the Rear View Window.
Celebrate the moments ..these will be your memories
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@changegirl: I know how you feel, i am also obsessive about tracking my weight-loss, measurments, calories, etc. people think im over the top but like you it helps keep me on track - when i skip a day of tracking i feel like ive failed myself, so i completely understand why you are so upset about losing all your data sheets.

Im sorry you lost all your data but why dont you start again? You know you have lost 10kg so therefore you put your weight loss in stages, for every 10kgs you start your data again.
Can you not recover your data? there must be a way.
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