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Default Losing steam for no reason

Anyone ever feel this way? For no particular reason?
I will still keep going no matter what-got 17.5 lbs to go(when naked lol), but just ehhh not sure why, I just feel bored with it, sick of it all. Oh well, I'm going to take this as a challenge-to keep going even when I don't "feel" like it because I'm sure I won't always "feel" like maintaining, and that is a lifetime stage!
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I think it happens to all of us at some point....do something to shake things up--just figure out what it is you are NEEDING....do you NEED to cook something new and different....do you need to try ziplining or rock climbing...do you need to watch tv and lay in bed all day? do you need a long coffee with a friend....figure out why you are bored and try to address it...also, look at old pictures of yourself..or your old clothes......remind yourself WHY you are doing this
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I definitely have gone through this and probably will again. It happens. It's burn out. You can either take a break and go for maintenance for a while (which I've tried and just couldn't make it work...I ended up gaining) or you could push through it and maybe switch things up a bit. Perhaps you could cycle your calories or maybe try something new for workouts. Good luck!
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Yeah, I go through this, too. For me, it usually requires a couple of things to get through it:

- I take a break. Usually for a day, sometimes for two, but never more than that.

- I treat myself to a new "goal" outfit. Something maybe a bit too snug, but will look awesome once I drop a few more pounds.

- I change up my diet. I fall into a rut easily with my diet, eating the same things over and over again. I'll experiment with a new veggie, or try a different juicer recipe, or just switch to a different type of meat.
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say what?
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I never stick with the same thing for longer than a month or 6 weeks. I change what I eat every week and my exercise changes a few times too. I find stuff to stick with, but I look for new stuff and new things to learn constantly or I get bored. It prevents me from seeing this all as one long big 'rut' because every week I feel like I started anew.

That gets annoyign too though, because itmakes me forget where I've been and come from and if I don't stay on a new plan for a week I feel like a failure. But I'm just saying: keep moving if you don't like standing still. And I don't mean on the lbs lost, but on the stuff you do to lose them.

Though changing up what works might be scary too?

Goodluck! And don't give up! But also don't make it feel like a chore, because maintenance is just around the corner of those 17.5lbs and it's not gonna be any more 'fun' than this. So make this fun!

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Do you typically eat the same things every day, or have otherwise really routinized eating habits? Maybe you could try some different foods -- go to an ethnic grocery store and find new things that you feel you can fit into your daily calorie budget.

And I know it sounds bad to suggest "thinspiration", but sometimes if I get all pooped-out on my diet and just want to stuff myself with beer and BBQ, looking at Victoria's Secret models or whatever can help.

Also, I like banananut's suggestion of maintaining for a day or two. But like luckymommy said, don't get into it for too long, because that does sometimes turn into gaining again.
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I remind myself of what I was inspired by in the first place.
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Thank you everyone! I did eat more these past few days and rested. I just needed that down time to reflect. I think that part of my distress was my slow progress, but the lower you go, the slower it is and I have to remind myself of that. Other than not fitting into a goal dress in time, there is no "tragedy" to not making goal in time. Its OK and I have to remind myself that.
I also felt some distress from life in general and also thinking "am i confined to living this way forever?" My diet and activity is doable (and I could def kick it up another level, I have been super relaxed) but the idea of doing hte same thing all the time just made me unhappy.
Now I will try to switch things up. When my knee gets better, I can't wait to do strength training exercises-I already looked up vids and wrote down a schedule that I will commit to. I am also going to switch up my protein sources, by eating more egg whites (love yolks but I want to do something diff) and also have more lean meat.
Also, yes, great tip on looking at hot bodies lol. I don't want to be too comfy where I am-def want to make goal and stay there. Sometimes, I see fit women jogging around and its such a good reminder-I've come some ways and I still have a ways to go!
Thank you for all the advice.
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