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Default I'm stuck at 126!


it's been two months and I've had some crazy fluctuations. I stuck to my plan for the first month and didn't cheat at all but my weight fluctuated by a few ibs. I thought it might be hormones since I missed a pill or two over the course of the month. I also skipped TOM.

This month, I relaxed a bit and allowed myself some cheat meals but continued with my exercise regime and dropped to 125, although now I'm back at 126. I just had my TOM but didn't see a fluctuation in either direction. Usually I gain at least two ibs during but I've been consistent the whole way through.

It might be due to the fact I've changed my lifestyle (I recently got a job and am now having to commute into the city everyday so I have less time to exercise than before.) I still run at weekends and try to do as much walking as humanly possible and now I've settled in a bit I'm going to run home from the train station every night but I think that still won't get me out of this 126 rut since I was running everyday before I started work.

Has anyone experienced this when they got into the 120s and how did they push past it?

I still feel like I want to lose more weight as I'm still quite heavy for my height and build, but it's soo hard because I just want to quit!

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Maybe you're stuck at a plateau. I was stuck at 129 for a few weeks and I increased my calorie intake and exercise. I broke the plateau within 2-3 weeks. The same happened last month When i was 126 and I broke the plateau a week ago since I started P90x.

It could be due to different things. You have to find out what is causing the stall in your weight loss.

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How long has your weight been stuck there for, and what sort of scale of cheat meals are we talking about? It could well be the cheat meals, they are often the culprits for a derailed diet. Or else you're just feeling frustrated at what is actually a short and perfectly normal stall (and since it's not called a plateau until it's been about two months, and you've only been losing for two months, I'm guessing this is at least part of what's going on). Remember that weight loss is always fastest in the beginning, and it's not realistic to expect that rate of weight loss to continue. I've just spent over three weeks with very little progress, and then my weight suddenly did one of its nice big drops. Have a look at the link in my signature and you'll see what I'm talking about. This is an entire normal way for weight to behave.

A few pounds aren't "crazy fluctuations" either, come to that. Remember that you have quite a lot of matter moving in and out of your body every day due to eating, drinking and excreting. I've read one book suggesting that it may be as much as 14 lb. A couple of pounds in fluctuation is nothing compared to what is naturally occurring, even if you're weighing yourself every day first thing in the morning, after going to the toilet but before eating breakfast.

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@esofia, I guess I wasn't clear I've been stuck for two months, ive actually been losing weight since March. Usually a cheat meal is anything over my 1200 limit which mostly is still under the 2000 recommended intake for me (when I exercise.) i think I've gone over that maybe twice or three times these past two months.

I have to confess I am an everday weigher, so maybe that isn't helping my situation but i feel like I'll go crazy if i don't weigh myself. I hope you're right about the big drop though!

@ryler i'll definitely experiment with an increase in exercise and high calorie intake. I think it'll get easier when I get into a routine and manage to fit my running around my travel time. I thought it was hormones, but I've noticed my weight tends to stall when I have a lifestyle change. I got stuck at 133 when i graduated in july!
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I would suggest looking at your diet, right it down, be honest. Track everything you eat for two or three days and look back. Did you have something you weren't suppose too? Did you sneak in a bite of something that wasn't so great? And if not, try replacing things in your diet with some healthier things, try more veggies.

And my next suggestion would be too lift weights. The more muscle you have, the easier and quicker your body can burn fat. When you get home at night, lift weights for just 15 or 20 minutes. I didn't use to like weight lifting, but now, I really enjoy it.
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