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I've started doing more in-depth measurements as sumire suggested...I noticed that I've lost an inch on my waist! Woohoo! Two inches from my goal measurement! Now if I could only get my hips to budge...

I weighed myself this morning...124 lbs. Little scary, my weight loss is moving pretty darn fast and I haven't upped the exercise or anything.

What effect does stress have on weight loss? I had an emergency at work starting Monday that had me chained to my desk getting nastygrams from many people while trying to figure out a fix for a problem which lasted for 48 hours...I pulled a 12-hour day Monday and then the next 8 hours on Tuesday I was at work still sweating (figuratively) under the stress of damage control. I was 126 lbs all this weekend...didn't change my calories or decrease my water. I would have thought stress contributed to weight gain, not loss. Maybe it's completely unrelated!
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I'd like to jump in on this one because I found myself at 126.8 this morning! But it's looking like we'll need to start a new thread soon!
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I'm about 129.5 lbs and I am hoping to get to 115lbs! So getting out of the 120s is the biggest hurdle for me. I'm hoping to do it with calorie counting and a few exercise classes each week.

Any tips? How much are you guys tending to lose per week? And what sort of calorie limit do you set yourself and what exercises do you do?
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hey guys. ive been a wreck lately because recently i realized im going to the beach in two weeks and i was not close to my goal of 115 or 110. more so just over 120. and ive been bingeing. i think it's due to part stress, part my new job, and part my birth control! i started trinessa, which is low dose but i noticed once i started my hunger is off the hook. for the month i was off hormones from BC i was really good at not wanting food if it wasnt in front of me. now im like a scavanger and constantly thinking and wanting all these kinds of foods with different cravings and such. anyone else experience this? how is everyone fairing?
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As of this morning, when I cheered to see 129.8 on the scales, I can now join this thread! Though I'll give it a few days to settle in before changing 130s to 120s in my profile. I reckon I started at 140 or possibly even higher, and didn't get the scales until 136, so it's really nice to be seeing a different second digit for the first time.

Originally Posted by inteventionn View Post
i had taken regular BC pills before and had terrible PMDD, so i went on Depo-Provera (sp?) and that made me crazy in the first month but leveled off after. however, upon my research on it i found it can lead to osteoporosis at a young age. that's ridiculous and im very angry that my doctor didn't inform me about that before i started it, because my family is already known to have weak bones. also, the shot left a dent in my thigh!! so it looks like a big cellulite spot! so i need a diff. BC, preferably one that will give me my nice C cups back (im now a small B, which would be fine if they were in proportion to my body!!)
I'd suggest getting a copper IUD, as they don't affect hormones at all and are one of the most effective methods of contraception in . (Unless you already have terribly painful and/or heavy periods, in which case you're not a good candidate. However, if you haven't seen your natural cycle since you were in your teens, don't assume it'll be the same, they usually settle down after that.) Then you can take whatever treatment for the PMDD you like, including hormonal methods, and it won't affect your contraception. I have PMDD too, and have been tried on Cerazette, Prozac and Valium. The Cerazette is a progestogen-only pill, and I honestly don't know why they're still pushing it for PMDD as it's more likely to make it worse. (Even more delightfully, the gynae I saw never once did the things you're meant to do for a diagnosis, such as taking a symptom history, and when I didn't do well on her pet drug, decided that I obviously didn't have PMDD and washed her hands of me.) Prozac can be taken for half the month, i.e. cyclically, or the whole month; unfortunately I didn't do well on that either. Then my GP gave me some 2mg Valium to take on the days when the PMDD is bad (thankfully I don't get bad PMDD consistently, I'll get a few bad days per cycle at most) and it worked beautifully for me. If I hadn't had a copper IUD throughout all of this, we'd have been constantly chopping and changing with my contraception and the hormonal fluctuations would have been still worse. It's also quite possible that the hormonal contraception you were on before made the PMDD worse, that's quite common.

As for breast size, have you tried exercising your pectoral muscles? A friend of mine got really worried because one of her breasts was suddenly larger than the other. Then she realised it was because she worked in a pub at the time, and had been pulling pints with her right arm alone. So she made sure she was pulling pints with both arms, and they evened out again. I think she went up a cup size.
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500 posts. Time to start a new thread.
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