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Default Headaches

I'm on day three and I cheated and checked my weight. I've lost 1.5 (I know is mostly water cause I'm peeing ALL the time), but I am plagued with a headache all day long...well, mostly in between meals.

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Hmmm - I thought maybe I was having sinus problems, even though none of the congestion is there... I am having headaches too.

Today I am going to try to up the protein and lower the sugar (I have a terrible tendency to eat Jell-o puddings, even if they are only 100 calories!) and see if that helps.

Make sure you aren't taking in too much sodium, and drink as much water as you can stand - might help? I'm no doctor... what does everyone else think?
Might just be your body adjusting and even having withdrawl from varying foods you aren't eating?

Are you still having the same amount of caffeine as usual? If I cut that back, my head POUNDS.

Good luck!
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Do you normally suffer from headaches or is this something new? If you normally get headaches, you could be eating something to trigger it (like in migraines, certain foods will trigger a migraine).
Believe it or not, citrus fruits have been known to trigger headaches. If you drink a lot of caffiene it could be a withdrawal headache and if it's none of those, it may be the good old fashioned hypoglycemic headache. I get MASSIVE headaches at the gym if I don't drink Vitamin water with my workout. ( I learned that one the hard way).
What is your normal diet compared to what you're eating now? Maybe I can try to figure it out for you. (I'm not being nosey, I'm a nurse!!)
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