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Default Honoring the Gods and my Ancestors

Ok, so I see a lot of Christian-based posts here and I thought I would give a shout out to my pagan peeps. I think it's wonderful that people have their faith (whatever faith it may be) to support them in their weight loss.

I'm Norwegian and my ancestors were Vikings. I am fascinated with the Norse gods and goddesses and find myself drawn to the strength and self-reliance they represent. The Norse were no pansies. I have often found myself complaining in the past about how hard it is to lose weight and how I can't stop myself from eating junk and how I don't have time to exercise. Making the usual excuses.

The other day I was praying and a realization hit me like falling into cold water. What was I doing? I always pride myself on my heritage and my faith, yet here I was complaining that I was powerless to be healthy and that I had no control over an inanimate food item that I put in my own mouth? My ancestors would have laughed in my face.

So I am now here, working on losing all the weight I believed I was powerless to lose. Every pound I lose, I choose to see as honoring my gods and ancestors. Becoming more and more true to my heritage. Truthfully I kind of want to take up sword training as an upper body exercise. hehe. how cool would that be? Anyway, now I'm just rambling. The point is, I am done with excuses. I am not a weakling. I can do this and I have powerful gods to back me up and help guide me down this path of self-realization.

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Hi! Shoutout from a fellow Pagan!

Your post really spoke to me. I'm English, an eclectic Pagan and I am studying Druidry at the moment (also have interest in Heathenry). I've been a total pansy also, especially today. I love how you looked at it. You're absolutely right! It is a battle, and we shall fight as they would have done and make them proud. Best of luck to you!
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Tehshort1 Thank you for this post. I am Pagan. You have given me a new perspective on weight loss as I, myself, should be honoring the Goddess and the Father God by taking better care of my body. I listen to a lot of Amon Amarth, Swedish death metal with lyrics steeped in Viking History and stories of the Norse Gods. Reading your post made me smile as you have connected with your ancestors with your faith. That's wonderful! I have also considered taking a fencing class as learning to sword fight as my ancestors did.
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Hello fellow Pagans!

I'm a Natural Pagan (better known as a Humanistic Pagan). I'm not religious but spiritual. I honor my ancestors and am inspired by them as well (my roots are Irish Recon and you never shake that). Deities do not call me, nature does. And processed foods or wasteful excess have no place in nature or on my ancestors table!
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Hello fellow, pagans, witches, wiccans, blessed be and merry meet. I just started my path last year and so am still learning, I just made my own book of shadows from the ground up, I must say I am proud of it.
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