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Hi! I'm LDS and glad to see you all here! Bummer I just missed mellowmelon. I wish her the best on her mission!!
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We're not a chatty bunch on this thread but I guess that's ok.
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Default Hey Im LDS too!

Hi everyone. So I have just joined up on here. I love church but all the food!!!!!! I was wondering if it was a NZ thing but it must be an lds thing. SO glad to see all you here - I am really determined to lose weight, get healthy and look after this body I have been blessed with. I have an addiction - one that people often say isn't an addiction". I am addicted to chocolate! Seriously - my biggest weakness. Any ideas or tips to help overcome this would be sooooooooo appreciated. XO
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Hi Dreamy! I'm addicted to chocolate too. My plan was to not deny myself chocolate but to limit the amount I would let myself eat. I haven't eaten an entire candy bar in months---that's funny, I just realized that. Anyway, start off with a little less than your normal amount per day and then wean yourself down to that one special moment of the day where you're going to enjoy that chocolate the most. Mine is usually after dinner. :-) Soon enough you'll get the chocolate bug out of your system and a small bit will satisfy your cravings.
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I don't know if you are still on it looks like the LDS feed is not doing so great or not to many post.
I have been working on weight lose now for a year have lost 85 lbs so far. I need knee replacement. I have 50 more to go I just got the news from my doctor and was really down about it. Decide to pray and get my life in tone where it should be better.
I was web search for LDS support groups people who understand the body and the spirit go hand in hand.
I saw you post so I decide to see if you thought this was the place for me or if I need to keep looking. I really want to build with someone who understands
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Aw, man! I'm LDS too... I wish we were all active (wink wink)... in this thread!

Anyhow, if anyone's still around, PM me otherwise I'll forget about this thread. :P
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I see that no one has said anything in this thread for a couple of years, and far be it from me to practice necromancy, but is there anyone still hanging around here who wants to chat? I am faaaar away from home and family, and I would love to talk with other members in English.
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I saw this thread and had to pop on and see....

if there are any reduced calorie recipes for funeral potatoes?
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