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Default new to the site, looking for sugjestions

I am once again looking to lose weight. 3 years ago I was feeling good about myself and my fitness level. I was a slim size 8 and active swimming 4 days or more a week at a gym 4-5 times a week.

I have since switched professions and am an OTR truck driver who drives team. This means that my truck rarely stops, making it hard to get much exercise. Also the food choices on the road are quite unhealthy most of the times and a person can only eat so much salad lol. I do have a fridge on the truck, but it is hard to get to a grocery store to stock it with good food all the time.

I hear it is harder to lose weight as you get older. I am 39

Any ideas on how I. Could increase my activity/exercise andeat better? I feel horribily out of shape right now and despise the lack of energy I now have.
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I don't know what you call old but I lost 90 pounds at age 50 -51 and have regained 35 of it within the last 7 years and that is what is hard to maintain your weight once you reached where you want to be. I think you know that once you have a chance it is a good idea to stock your little fridge and get some fruit in small packages to take along or fruit. I figure you stop at C. stores to gas up right? They normally carry stuff like that anyhow where I worked they did. If you have a chance yes increase your activity would more than likely help too. Good luck!
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I lost most of the weight I lost while in my 70s. Yes, it was difficult.

I have not regained any of the weight I lost, and that is difficult too.

I suggest that you lose the weight you want to lose while you are still young. It does get more difficult as you get older, but it can still be done.
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I am your age, Tricia3909. I don't drive truck (though I have a sis and brother-in-law that do, and she has a hard time getting activity in, also), but for the past few months, I was taking online college courses and sat for hours per day at my laptop or reading text books. I've gained 30 pounds in the last couple of years, as a result.
It is soooo hard to lose.

Just some suggestions for your mini fridge: light yogurt (if you add a spoonful of plain oat bran, it makes it slightly chewy, like granola, (it's actually really good!) and REALLY fills you up, not to mention adds in fiber), laughing cow cheese, carrots and/or celery with dip made from lt or fat free sour cream and Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix, sugar free, fat free pudding cups for a sweet tooth, maybe make up some low fat ham or turkey sandwiches on light bread with whatever you like on them before you leave?, hard boiled eggs, instant oatmeal or cream of wheat packets (get hot water at the convenience store).

Just some ideas. I know I would have MUCH more to lose than I currently do, if I ate nothing but fast food or convenience store foods all week.

Good luck to you!
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Well to you who thinks your old. Tricia. Honey your just beginning to live.
My young son says the same thing. He is old at 40. I tell him the same thing. If you want to believe your old. Then so you will. It will be alie your telling yourself. Be Positive. Your young.
Look at the Golden girl Betty White. She is beautiful and so full of live at 90

Bootsie did it and Jo Jo is my kind of lady. I am 70. With her motivation she sure has given me hope to keep it off this time.

When your young you have better moving in your body. I love to dance and get myself moving and do stretches and cool downs. I have loss before and silly me did not hold on to the reigns when I had been a Done Girl. The big loss. So you have alot of help here. So be the Done Girl. You can do it.
We are all here to flag you on.

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