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Question No Energy

I need you guys advice and suggestions I love to excersise, when I can get my laxy but up. recently I have not had any energy. I want to get up and go for walks or even go to the gym which is only about 15min away from my house. What I guess I am asking is what can I do or take to get the energy to get up. Please keep in mind I work from home infront of an computer for 9 hours. Thanks in advance for all your help.
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My advice is the following: Even if you don't feel like it, just do it. Carve out some time and do it, even if you don't feel like it. Once you start you'll get the energy.

Up until last month, I was sleeping 9-10 hours every day. Then I decided to start getting up early to exercise. The first week was horrendous. I didn't feel like it at all. I knew though that the only way for me to guarantee that I could exercise every day. So now I sleep 7-8 hours and get in about an hour of exercise every day. I feel more energized than I did sleeping 9-10 hours every day.
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I come here and read. That usually gives me the oomph to do something. And since you're on the computer already Visit often!
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These ladies are right... you just gotta get up and do it! If you asked me a couple of years ago if I would be willing to wake up at 5 am, go to the gym, work out for thirty minutes, shower and get ready at the gym and THEN go to work I would have laughed in your face until my side hurt. That was an unheard of idea for me. NOW... fast forward to the present and I'll tell you, not only is it doable, but it makes you feel SO GOOD! After my workout I'm so pumped and ready to get my day started. Don't get me wrong, I'm no gym buff and I don't do it every morning but I try to do it atleast 2-3 times a week. On the days when I don't go to the gym I just pop in one of Leslie Sansone's WATP DVD's and sweat it out at home. For years I made excuses about why I couldn't exercise, now its part of my life and couldn't imagine NOT getting some type of exercise in daily. Hope you find something you enjoy! BTW.. I'm not advocating caffeine but sometimes I do indulge in a cup of coffee before my workouts if I'm feeling too sluggish.
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I also work from home and I find that this makes it a lot easier to get to the gym. Because I work from home, I have a flexible schedule and there's no one else around to notice if I'm sweaty or smell bad. So I often go work out in the middle of the day. It gives me a break from staring at the computer and the gym is a lot less crowded.

Every night before I go to bed I take a look at my schedule for the next day and get an idea of when I'll be able to fit my workout in. Then it is just part of my day, so it's not a question of motivating myself to go to the gym, it's just a matter of following through on my plan.

Another thought is to use the gym as a stopping point for your day. I find that one problem with working at home is that I am at work ALL THE TIME. I could literally spend every waking hour on work stuff. Taking a break and going to gym helps me get some balance in my life. If you planned to go to the gym every day at say 6:00, that would give you a point every day at which you stop working and start your personal life.

You just have to do it whether you have the energy or not; just make it part of your day and then don't think about it. There's lots of days where I don't feel particularly energetic, but once I get to the gym, I've never once not had enough energy to get through my workout and it always feels good to get my workout done.
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What everyone here has already said is true for me as well. Even if I don't feel like exercising I now know from experience that once I start - even if I have to force myself - the energy will soon follow.

It all boils down to that tired old Nike ad:

"Just Do It!"

I could curse those three little words to death but it would never make them any less true than they are. Dang!
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I can definitely relate, I'm having such an energy problem as well... I'd been very sick for the past two weeks straight, so that put an extreme hamper in my work-out ruitine.. I was waking up an hour early to exercise every morning, but becoming ill zapped my energy and I needed plenty of bed rest.... Fully recovered now, I have yet to break out of the bed-rest stage :P hehe. Reading through this site has given me a lot of inspiration though.. I'm gonna force myself to get back in the habbit tomorrow morning!

...I hope.. lol.
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Before I join the rest of the chorus, I need to ask a few questions because you said you love to exercise and you said this lack of energy is recent.

1. How much and how often were you exercising up until this lack of energy. While you used the self-deprecating phrase of "when I can my lazy butt up," is it possible you were convincing yourself to exercise frequently and then your love of exercise was leading to long sessions? If you have been exercising a few days a week for an hour or so a day total, then go to question two. If you've been getting your "not so lazy butt" up 6 or 7 days a week and letting your love of exercise lead to some marathon sessions, your lack of energy may be due to overtraining. I often hear chronic overtrainers refer to themselves as lazy, especially when they commit they god-awful sin of ...ssshhh giving themselves a rest day.

2. Are you sure you are not coming down with a flu or something?

If you have been overtraining or show symptoms of a virus. Take a rest and come back refreshed with renewed vigor. A love of exercise is a wonderful thing and we don't want to lose it and that can happen if you overtrain long enough or force yourself to workout when sick.

If you haven't been overtraining and are showing no signs of illness, then I agrree with everyone above....JUST DO IT! The energy will come

Edited to add one more thought: Is it possible that you are just bored with your routine? Are you doing a good blend of cardio, resistance training, and flexibility training or have you been hammering away at one component? Have you done the same cardio or weight training exercises repeatedly for a long period. It may be time to switch things up and add variety and give your body and mind a jump start.

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