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Question Any endurance chicks out there?

Hey y'all
I've been posting in almost every section on this site and I love it! I just wanted to see if anyone here is as addicted to endurance sports as I have become. I'm been running and cycling since January 2 and as you can see I've lost 20 lbs as of Monday. My life has changed! And I'm so grateful. I don't see a specific thread for runners or cyclists here but believe me all runners and cyclists are not skinny! I enjoy both sports and I enjoy training for them too. There were things I had to change about my diet, my training and I'm still learning it's been so much fun! Anyway let get a thread started!
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There's a huge running fraternity here, and the odd cyclist. I'm only just starting to run. We have a few half marathon trainers, and then there's YP1 who has taken this madness to new heights and is training for the Berlin marathon!

I'm training for my first 10k in June.
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hey msruthie, i was trying to learn to run....jogging is actually more like it. but my knees started bothering me so i stopped. maybe if i get around to buying some new running shoes i may give it a try again sometime soon. What is it you enjoy so much about running?? For the short while I was jogging, the only pleasure i could get out of it was the fact that i did it. and the fact that i Know you can get good results in firming up your midsection by jogging....at least a long time ago when i started jogging, i got good results in about amonth. Nothing to drastic, but it helped me fit into my clothes that were too tight, to fit better. i didn't drop a size or anything but i only jogged for about a month and then stopped.

anyways, i just thought i'd see what it is that made you enjoy running. i can't even day dream while i'm running because i am too busy thinking about how my butt is hurting and how my chest is about to burst from my heart beating so hard. my cardio system really sucks. which is one reason i use the elliptical machine. it feels like running but without the jarring effect which i also think makes it more difficult for me to breath when jogging.

anyways, good luck on your running. I definately wish you well.
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Hello! As Kylie says I'm doing a marathon later in the year (6 months tomorrow!!!), I ran a half marathon last month and found it surprisingly easy, so I think there's the makings of an endurance runner in there somewhere. When I say easy I don't mean actually easy, but a lot better than I expected, and I felt absolutely fine at the finish and had recovered within an hour or two, which surprised me!
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Hi msruthie,

I've been doing triathlon for a few years now. Endurance running, biking, swimming. When time allows I'll do strength training as well. I had a baby 6 months ago and am working to get back in shape, having just completed a sprint-distance tri, going for an Olympic distance (1.5/40/10 all K) in early June. If that goes well, I'll shoot for a half-iron in October. I have an iron-distance race in me somewhere (2.4/112/26.2 all miles), but I have to balance my time now that we have the kidlet--the best place to spend my time now!

I've done several sprints, an oly, a half-iron, a marathon, a cycling century, and a bunch other events, metric century, a few half marys. I'm such an addict. I love the way it makes me feel, and I love how much food I get to eat--which I have to watch since I'm a 100+ lb loser and weight tends to creep back if I'm not careful.

But I'm SLOW. Helen is way faster than me.

There is a nice runner's thread, Cool Runners to check out. And once in a while someone will bring up cycling, swimming or triathlon.

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