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This is the Last Time!!!
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Default Deterrent at the Gym

Why are some guys content with stinking to holy high heck? I was sandwiched between two super disgusting guys on the elliptical today. I thought I was going to throw up! I had to get off and go to the treadmill so I didn't hurl on them. Not like they would have noticed the stench! It probably would have been an improvement. There ought to be a law!

So my new gym rule is: Only elliptical next to girls!

I hate stinky boys!!
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Ilene the Bean
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Oh you poor think that really stinks (pun intended)...

Girls can stink too, but not as much as men... A long time ago I had met this girl at the gym and we became friends, so we started working out together, well I had to stop working out with her because she smelled sooooo bad it was skunky, honest to goodness... But I've been around men more often than women that smell bad...

Another thing that makes me gag at the gym is when, men or women, wear too much perfume!! OMG, it makes me weak in the knees!
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I had a free pass for Bally's for a couple months and was grossed out by the guys also! I had a guy once that would shake his head and rain down sweat on the people around him *yuck*

I actually joined a club that is a lot further then Bally's but is women only. It's worth the extra 1/2 hour of driving!
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Ilene, that is horrible! I can't stand that period (you shouldn't be able to smell someone from several yards away) and why especially would anyone do that in the gym? People baffle me.
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English guys must have better hygeine Or I'm one of the stinkers, so I can't notice anyone else

Although at the end of a busy day, our gym does smell, it doesn't have any natural light or windows, and I don't think air conditioning is any substitute for natural air.
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We have an upstairs area at our gym with more cardio equipment and there's also an area up there for women only. I normally just go up there and work out. There's never many people, so I don't have to wait around for machines, and I don't have to deal so much with the men's eyes on my butt when I'm on the elliptical. LOL! I haven't noticed anyone stinking, but it could be because it's mostly women up there, and not very many, at that.
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Working My Way Back Down
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We have one guy in particular who sweats very heavily (and he's pretty skinny) on the cardio machines. I mean his tshirt is wringing wet. I've not noticed that he stinks too badly, but although he always wipes his bike or treadmill when he's done, I've seen him then grab a stability ball and do some ab work and put it back without wiping, leaving large wet spots. Ewwwww.
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I know what you mean. But often it doesn't happen. Most people(guys and girls) smell fine.

but when it does happen. Guys seem worst. A few times girls might smell a bit(which is rare atleast in my experiences), but its always just a light odor. I never forget this one older guy on the treadmill near me- when I would go to the gym a year back- Im sorry but it seemed like he didn't take a bath in 3 YEARS

I freshin up before I go anywhere even the gym. I also agree with someone above, I HATE it when a guy or girl is wearing a lot of perfume or cologne(a light scent is okay).. but to much Perfume or cologne ANYWHERE not just the gym, is too much
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Sometimes it can be bad in the morning because you get the people that think "hey why do I need a shower in the morning if I am going to the gym". For some people, that may actually work but then you get the people that it definitely doesn't work for.
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