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Smile had some questions about exercise!!

Im just starting to work out again since my knee injury and ive gained a lot of weight fast through depression and stress eating, my question 1 is did ya'lls feet ever go numb while ya'll were working out and also what are some good shoes for working out and running. i have a goal to run 10 miles with a friend of mine who does it almost every day. the help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Last night I was running about and my feet went a little numb! However, I don't know if this applies to everyone. You should see your doctor and ask him or her if this is normal for you. I think some good shoes are adidas, but again, a doctor might also be able to give you better advice. Good luck on the weight loss! I'm rootin' for ya!
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I've had very good results with Avia shoes. They have these funny-looking "cantilevered" soles that seem to absorb more of the impact than any other shoe I've ever tried. I also use arch supports (just regular Dr. Scholl's).
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Some sports stores will provide an assessment of your stride style and arch and help you find which shoes are ideal for you. Running shoes can be pricey, but if you get a great pair they will last you for miles. Jen
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Brittni - I have the opposite problem - I get heal spurs and my feet can hurt really badly after exercising. I wear New Balance, but I am nowhere near the point of being able to run so I couldn’t help there. If your feet are feeling numb frequently or at other times when you are not exercising I would definitely get checked out by a doctor. Numb feet can be associated with diabetes.
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If you intend to be serious about walking or running you should definitely go to a reputable running/walking shoe store. They will look at your walk and assess if you have a neutral walk or under or over pronate. I had excellent running shoes but my toes still got numb so I went to see a foot specialist and he said I had Morton's Neuroma and prescribed orthotics and I am fine now... I can run with NO problemo
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