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Default Cool Runners #17 -- August '05

It's been quiet around here lately so I'll start a monthly thread for Cool Runners too...

I didn't run today I biked 25k and did a great leg workout ...
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Hi everyone!

Today I just found out that I have mono, so I won't be running till I'm better. For a while now, I knew something wasn't right with me cause I'm always so tired. I never thought of mono, though, because I don't have a bf, or many friends for the matter. I went to the doctor's last week for a physical and told him how tired I've been, so he had me tested for mono. It was such a shock when the doc's office called today and gave me the news.

I'm so upset that I can't exercise! I really like running and don't want to stop, but I know I need to get better. Ugh, I'm really bummed out. My mom said I could strength train 1 or 2 times this week, but no running.

So, how's everyone else doing??
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I ran about 5 miles yesterday! It felt great!

Ilene-Wow, way to go on the 25K bike ride!

Oh no Josie! I hope you get to start feeling better!
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Ilene the Bean
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Josie -- the recommendation not to run, was this given by your doc or mom? Were you overly tired when you ran last week?
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MrsDawson, Congrats on your time for the 5k that's great!!
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First, MrsDawsondn, CONGRATULATIONS on your 5k! That is a great time for a first 5k.

Josie, What did your dr. tell you about exercise? If he/she hasn't given you any instructions, call back and ask. A friend of mine had mono at university, and I remember that she was warned to avoid contact sports and dancing at clubs for at least 6 weeks due to the spleen being more sensitive/already swollen and potentially injured by a jab to it. Not sure about other restrictions she had. Work on getting better for now though; you'll have years to run soon enough.

Ilene, you must have really needed the long weekend with all the running around you've been doing lately. How's your dad doing?

Leanne, wow, I just realized that your youngest child isn't even a year yet! And good to hear your training program is going well. Have you picked a goal race?

Welcome Laura! 30 minutes is a fine goal for your "comeback" 5k.

I was our running speed intervals this morning. 8x800m for a total of 11.4k of running with warmup and cool down. And probably about 1.5k of walking/slow jogging between intervals, but my garmin doesn't put rest distance into the totals. I enjoy intervals in a weird, self torturing sort of way. I feel like I've accomplished something when I'm done and jogging home.
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Josie, I'm sorry to hear that you have mono! At least it sounds like you're avoiding the worst symptoms (so far anyway). I had mono last fall, and instead of just the exhaustion, I had a fever, awful headaches, and my throat swelled up horribly so that I could only force down about two spoonfuls of soup per day! Anyway, you can really get it anywhere, even though they call it "the kissing disease" . . . I personally am guessing I got it from someone coughing on me. Definitely take it easy on the exercise though, like Only Me said, your spleen is more susceptible to rupturing when you have mono.

I hope you feel better soon!
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Made my Goal weight!
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Only Me
Yes, I picked a race that is actually on my BIRTHDAY...hahaha, So I will be celebrating being 27 by running....It is in Ottawa on October 9th....I am determined to do it in under 60 minutes this time!!! Yes, my kids are 4, 2 and 10 months...so I get to run and then run after them!

Hope everyone is having a great day

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Sorry to hear about the mono! I had it a few years ago, and really didn't feel like walking, let alone running. But, the worst part doesn't last long, and then walking a bit might be comfortable. Be careful, though, as your spleen and liver are going to be sensitive. I waited so long to go to the doctor that my liver was swollen to the point I almost was hospitalized. And this was with no exercise, just the heavy lifting I was doing every day at work!

Hope you feel better soon!

I just missed an entire week of running, work and other things got in the way. But, I'll get back on the road tomorrow morning! I just went shopping and found a great deal on TWO pairs of running shoes, so I've got to get out there and try 'em out!
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Hi all,

The biopsy was okay (hurt like heck, but the doctor told me he would be VERY surprised if it was cancerous so that's good!). I was sore for the rest of Friday but was fine by the next day just as long as I don't put pressure on the incision area. Now I get to worry about another unrelated appointment I have at the end of August. I did a solid 10K on Sunday and a 3K on Saturday... My weight is down too so yah!! I have adjusted my goal weight though to one I think I can easily manage for the rest of my life!

Josie: I am sorry to hear you have mono. I have never had it, but I took over my brothers paper route for a month when my brother had it when he was 18. I had a little procedure done in January and my doctor said "no exercise whatsoever (or heavy lifting) for three weeks" so I'd personally even avoid weight training for now and only start again with the go-ahead from your doctor. What your body needs is rest; if your body is busy repairing post-workout muscle it doesn't have all its focus on making you better. I know it sucks (I've been there), but in reality your body will be greatful (and it didn't take too long after sitting out to be back where I was before my procedure).

Only Me: I want a Garmin, would help for pacing and stuff... Maybe I should ask for one for my birthday, how do you like yours?

Ilene: Yah on the 25K. I really should hop onto my bike, I want to tri a tri next year.

Leanne: I am now debating running run for the cure on my birthday... not sure, but after my scare I think it would be a good thing!

LaMariposita: I always like trying out my new gear! Have fun!


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Today I did 5k on the treadmill, I hit 30 minutes for the first (and only) time since my 5k race, so I was really pleased with that. I'm trying to mix up longer slower runs and decreasing my 5k time to give me a bit of variety.
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Hello all. May I join in?

Yesterday I ran 1 mile without stopping. Then I walked for 2 minutes and ran .1 more. I considered running a little farther but as this is only my 3rd week of running on a regular basis I decided not to push too hard. In total I ran 1.1 mile and walked .9 miles for a total of 2 miles.
My next scheduled run is Wednesday.
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I got up Tuesday morning and did about 2.5-2.8 mile run around the neighborhood for about 36 minutes then this morning I walked the same route in 43 minutes. tomorrow my best friend wants me to stop by her house and walk with her so I'll be doing that and hopefully getting my runs in.

Sweatergirl I'm praying for all to be well sounds like you got a great report

leannem83 you are the bomb I don't think i could be running and taking care of 3 kidss under 5 you are the WOMAN! Good luck on the race!

Ilene- 25K wow that's alot of riding congrats on the ride and hopefully dad is doing okay?

Taekwondomom congrats on the running and yes I agree take it slow you don't wanna burn out too fast so take your time and you'll be doing 3 and 4 miles in no time.

LaMariposita no worries just get out there when you can and you'll love it when your back on the pavement.

josie4 So sorry to read about the mono get well and my prayers are with you and yes I agree you should take it easy for a minute until Doc. Gives you clearance to do anything different.

onlyme When i grow up I wanna be a runner just like you. Wow 800m intervals you go girl!

YP1 I just wanted to tell you I loved your blog!!! It's like reading a book you speak words that I sometimes think about but never voice. Thanks for being a voice for all of us mute sisters out here LOL. You should really look into getting it published.

Anyhoo I'm off but I'll chat with you ladies tomorrow.

Ellenwu how are ya girlie? Haven't heard from you yet I hope all is well.
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Hello ladies!! Hope everyone is having a good day!!

Today I included a hill in my run, I ran 50 min! My legs felt like they were going to fall off!

Question for you guys...Do you take some sort of hydration with you? If so, how do you bring it?
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Hey MrsD and YP1 - great times on the 5K!! I am so proud of you both - I know I am a little late here, but hopefully you are still riding the joy of that!! I know after my 5K I was "up" for weeks.

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been sticking with my marathon training as well as weight training. All in all, my workouts keep me sane and focused. I am not a big fan of summer (especially here in DC) and the detailed schedule is certainly helping me get by.

I am about 3/4 of the way through the NASM "pre-course" to become a certified Personal Trainer. I have decided to get my ACSM certification by the end of the year (books should be here this week). That has been taking a lot of my time, so posting her is way down, but I sure am "lurking". I post (and whine - a lot) over at LWL, so stop on by .....

Leannee - you are an inspiration. Your birthday will be VERY special!!

Sweater Girl - I plan on getting a Garmin after Labor Day. I think I have convinced myself the 201 is right for me. If the 301 did intervals than I would sell my current Heart Rate Monitor, but no-go. Why can't they develop a menu system where you pick and choose which options you want on your tool and they make to order, kind of like buying a computer on line?

Welcome Newbies!! Josie - mono is a bear - hope you feel better soon. Be careful, mono got me hooked on "Another World" back in the '70s. Anne - how are you surviving? Only 2 months to go!!

Have a great day ....
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