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Default best way to prepare for a 5k walk?

Well....I've done it. I went a registered for the San Antonio 5k fitness walk, which is on November 13th 2005.

So.....how the heck do I get ready for this? I've done the WATP tapes on and off, and was doing 3 miles in those {but it was pushing it to finish}, but the most I've ever walked in one go outdoors was about a mile and a half.

Is couch to 5k good for walking? Or is that only running?

Edit: Also, does anyone know how many laps around a standard track would equal a mile? I'm most likely going to use my univeristy track to practice on, and have no idea how many it would be.

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Yes, you can definitely use the www.coolrunning.com Couch Potato to 5K training schedule for walking. It's the same distance, it'll just take you longer.
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I'm sure there are several standard sizes for tracks, but why not call the university athletic department and ask? Or if you know someone who uses it, ask them. Good luck! I think you'll be more than ready by November, fitness comes pretty quickly if you work at it.
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If it follows American competitive standards, one lap would be 440 yards, and 4 laps would equal a mile. But I agree, call 'em to be sure.
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