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Default oxycise and my oxycise hero, debbie stancil

i've been asked by a few people about oxycise over the last couple of days. when i was looking into oxycise as an option, i discovered a wonderful woman named debbie stancil. she basically started out on oxycise as big as me and managed to lose a lot of weight on it. this is a HUGE motivation for me doing oxycise daily and for eating well, because i can see with my own two eyes debbie's success. if you have the chance, visit her website. the URL is in the cut and pasted part. what follows is her letter to jill johnson, the founder of oxycise. i hope this helps all the people who are looking for an option and wondering what oxycise can do for you!!!
************************************************** ******
(cut and paste starts here)
************************************************** ******
141 pounds and over 60 Inches!!!

2 Aug 1999

"I have been Oxycising everyday since January 1st of this year and I have lost 141 pounds and more than 60 inches.

"I was 356 on January 1st of this year and I now weigh 215..I have 61 pounds left to go but this time I just wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything...I have advertised your program over the net to many people and I hope they order your program...Thanks again and God Bless you."

* * * * *
Debbie has been very gracious about answering our additional questions and has offered to share the details of her story, in hopes of helping others. We are so thrilled and inspired by her triumph and hope that all of you will enjoy hearing her story as much as we have!

* * * * *

"I wanted to tell you the story about myself, because I'm hoping that if I can help one person, it will mean the world to me. It is so very important that I get this out!

"Back 26 years ago, I was a very thin person; not a healthy person, but a thin one. Then I got married to a wonderful man, and had children. I didn't just have one child at a time like most people; I had multiple births. I had twins the first time around, and gained over 100 pounds that I never lost after childbirth. Then the second time, I had triplets that I carried for 5 months, and I had gained another 70 pounds. Again, I didn't lose it afterwards. I lost the triplets and became very depressed, and gained even more weight.

"In the 26 years, I have always tried to look for the "quick fix" on how to lose my weight, and always failed, which made me MORE depressed. My husband, loving me as much as he does, never denied me the money to go on these so called "diets". But I, in turn, wasted his hard earned money on them.

"I just kept getting bigger and bigger! I tried to starve myself for a week and never lost anything, and I tried the 'sticking the old finger down my throat', after every meal...nothing seemed to work. I guess you can say that I was out of touch with the right way to do this, so I just gave up all together. I just kept eating and getting bigger. I wasn't affected by people calling me names, I just joked about it.

"I had my special eating buddies. We would go to certain restaurants during the course of the day, and we'd say we were taste-testers. Well, we were far from that! What we were, were people who were playing a slow pace of suicide with our lives.

"My husband is a good man, and he married a thin woman 26 years ago. He has never really said anything about my weight, but he wished I would lose some like most hubbies do. But I never listened to him, I just kept eating!

"Then things started happening last year, that really had an effect on me, and my life! I had a friend whom I loved very much. She was also an eating buddy. Mind you, she wasn't as big as me, but she WAS overweight. She decided to go in and have her stomach stapled to help her lose weight. She said all would be well. Well, all was NOT well! She never came out of the hospital. She died from a blood clot that had traveled to her heart. I was, and still am heartbroken over losing her. That was when I decided that I had to do something before it was too late for me! At the time, I didn't know what I was going to do, but I knew I was going to do something!"

"The way I heard about Oxycise! was through an infomercial...when I started my food program (Richard Simmons' Food Mover program) I was 356 pounds and I spent a lot of time in a recliner as the first picture is shown on my web page...I couldn't do the high impact exercise in fear I would hurt myself and regret it later. So I started doing the Oxycise! program sitting down the first month...the next month I was doing it standing up...I also made up a routine with [Jill's] audio tape using weight on my arms and weight on my legs...

"...Well, that was the beginning of the rest of my life!

"I go to the doctor every week, and he watches over the healthy end of things, like checking my blood and my blood pressure, and keeping an eye on me.

"...NOW, I look in the mirror and see a new person in my life, someone that I'm really kinda getting to like more and more everyday! I looked in the mirror today and I asked this person, 'Where are we going today?' I answered myself within a moment...'The sky's the limit!' I've had problems with mirrors before, but now it seems that I have found a new best friend in myself!

"It is very important for me, right here and now, to thank the other best and special friend in my life: my buddy. Peaches (xoxo) has been there for me every step of the way! It is much easier to do this when you have someone on your side who's been in the same circumstances, and it's her love and support I would like to thank her for, for helping me get this far.

"People...you can do this! I know you can! You just have to want it as much as you want to wake up in the morning from your bed! It's not hard at all! You just have to keep plugging and not give up!

"I'm not really good at email...but if I'm on the chat channel, I will lend my support in any way I can. All ya gotta do is ask! Please! Take pride and stock in yourself and just DO IT! Please check out my website...you'll see this is possible if you can just knuckle down and make the right choices, the LIFE choices, for yourself.

"Thanks for all the support you have given me through all this ordeal. I have a long way to go still, but I know I'm gonna make it! YOU WILL TOO! As I Oxycise! everyday I've learned a whole new way of life..."


* * * * * * *

More comments from Debbie:

August 3, 1999

"I am doing both the Food Mover and Oxycise! programs. I started them both January 1st of this year. The reason I couldn't do Richard Simmons' tapes is because the Dr. said I could only do low-impact exercise. I Oxycise! 2 times a day for 15 minutes. I also do the Food Mover 1400 cals and I drink a gallon of water every day. As of Thursday of this week I lost 141 pounds/ If you'd like to see my website it has a month by month picture of me at http://www.cei.net/~stancil/ Next month's picture will be dedicated to the Oxycise! program and Jill Johnson."

Debbie Stancil
(end cut and paste)
************************************************** ****
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Post Debbie's story

Hey there...

I'm not sure where this will post or who will read it, if anyone, but I hit a wall today when I tried driving a car and I couldn't do so comfortably because of the steering wheel hitting my stomach. After the frustration of that and the tears that fell so fast down my face, I spent the better part of the afternoon wondering where I went wrong in my life and how I managed to let my weight skyrocket to the problem it now is.

I've been doing BodyFlex...I like it, it's low impact but I don't feel like I'm seeing anything positive. Part, if not most, is due to my poor eating habits. I have my mind wrapped around the notion that I can eat whatever I want and how much I want of it as long as I am working out. Boy...talk about a stupid and improbable concept.

That pushed me to spending my day looking at diet programs on the net. I've heard of Oxycise through the Buyer Beware threads but I never really looked into it. After reading Debbie's story, I'm really considering trying it. All I know is I am tired of being this size and I really don't want to do gastric bypass surgery. I know four wonderful women who have had amazing success with it, but I'm terrified at the thought of going through with the surgery. I don't want to take such drastic measures to achieve this, but I know I need to do something.

Maybe I'm being silly for rambling about this, and searching for some sort of guidance. Right now I just would like to have hope that there is something out there that can help me. I know all the rules... it's on me to do something because no one else is going to do it for you and it is going to take time but it is so worth it, but *HOW* do you keep your mind wrapped around that concept at all costs? How do you keep finding your way when it seems so damned hopeless?

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for sharing Debbie's story. It meant a lot.

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I understand your frustration but losing weight is really a mix of 3 things: diet, cardiovascular exercise and muscle building exercise. You can lose weight with 1 or 2 of those things, but it isn't as efficient as doing all 3. I'm not familiar with Body Flex, so I can't speak about that. I'm also not familiar with Oxycise but looking at the website, it looks like it is reliant on you learning to breathe, which is emphasized in a few things like yoga and pilates. I would be wary on relying on it alone or it and diet.

If you need support, the 100lb club is a great place for people with 100 lbs or more weight to lose.
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Smile Denise

My comment isn't so much about Oxycise, a program I know nothing about, as it is for Denise.

Denise, I wanted to echo Nelie's invitation to join us in the 100 lb forum here on this website; we are a kind, supportive, active group of people who share a common goal. We're all share the same goal, and are honestly helpful to one another. Please stop by and read there about our individual challenges and achievements -- we do a lot of talking and a lot of listening also. I really would love to see you there, so that we can all give you support and some kindly information and encouragement. You've made a great first step recognizing that big change is in order......now let us help you stay strong for your journey. You will find there many experiences in putting one foot in front of another in going down that long road to good health. The road is long, but you can see progress right away with some support. Hope to see you there!
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I got the Oxycise program from ebay a few weeks ago. I have not started the program, but I have read the book. I plan to view the tape this weekend.
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