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Default 7 tips to lose weight and stay in shape

What if we finally moved towards a realistic and easily achievable food rebalancing to lose weight permanently? Whether for aesthetic or health reasons, slimming down is a great way to reconnect with yourself in order to put an end to frustrating diets and say goodbye to yo-yo effect deprivation.

1 – Fill up on protein at breakfast for top vitality
In order to cope with the stress of a long day at work in prospect, it is essential to start with the right fuel. A good savory English breakfast, like when you're on vacation and you enjoy a hearty plate that puts glitter in your eyes and makes your taste buds salivate!

We forget the sweet breakfasts which generate an infernal cycle: a high intake of sugar (jam on toast / rusk, cereals, orange juice, etc.) leads to a strong secretion of insulin then a rapid drop in energy which pushes towards a new search for sugar to regain energy. This is the famous 11 a.m. hypoglycemia peak. However, insulin is a storage hormone that is there to make fat, especially in the belly. As part of a slimming goal, and more generally a source of vitality food, we understand why a sweet breakfast has no place.

Proteins, whether of animal or vegetable origin, are essential for the proper functioning of your body. They are essential for maintaining good muscle mass and keeping you in a good mood at the end of the day. It is precisely the morning proteins that make it possible to produce the famous hormone of well-being and appetite control: serotonin.

To sum up: no protein at breakfast, no production of serotonin, aggressiveness at the end of the day and sweet compulsions guaranteed when you get home around 6 p.m. One of the secrets to avoid throwing yourself on the fridge or devouring your spouse on the way home from work: eat a breakfast with protein.

2 – Bet on organic complete or complete foods, legumes and good fats
A qualitative diet, rich in fiber and in the right proportions will allow you to lose weight naturally and without even thinking about it.

Legumes (chickpeas, broad beans, green lentils, blond lentils, black beans, coconut beans, split peas, peas, etc.) are really inexpensive and are an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A daily portion of legumes, rich in resistant starches, increases the feeling of satiety and thus prevents cravings.
Whole grains such as whole rice are real nutritional nuggets and not aggressive for fragile intestines. The same goes for wholemeal bread: ideally sourdough and old wheat flour. Choose cereals with a low glycemic index (less than 50).
Vegetables are essential foods for a balanced, varied and tasty diet. They must make up half of your lunch plate; same at night. They allow you to fill up with fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Mushrooms are wonderful slimming allies: satiating and appetite suppressant, rich in protein, as good cooked as cooked, we put them in the spotlight.
Remember to take a good fresh, organic, local and seasonal fruit by making a snack accompanied by a good square of 70% dark chocolate and a few almonds. The apple is THE slimming fruit par excellence. Enjoy the pleasure of a sweet, comforting and flavorful snack. Having a snack means anticipating and debunking end-of-day cravings.
Foods that are sources of “good fat” are to be preferred. Oilseeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) and seeds (squash, chia, etc.), extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oils rich in omega 3 (camelina oil, flaxseed oil, etc.) will help you burn fat by speeding up your metabolism and ensuring proper cellular exchange.

TO not make this post long i will post it in 4 post
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Default 2nd part - 7 tips to lose weight and stay in shape

3 Reinvest your kitchen by focusing on homemade.
To lose weight easily, it is important to know what will end up in your body. Industrial dishes filled with trans fats, additives and hidden sugars do not go well with a goal of slimming and vitality. Go shopping with a full stomach, taking your time to carefully choose quality raw materials and imagine your tasty recipes.

(Re)discovering the pleasure of cooking is the starting point for food hygiene, a source of slimming and well-being. Cook the foods you love, in a simple and tasty way using spices, aromatic herbs and other wonders of nature. Let yourself be inspired by the slimming recipes found on the internet; use and abuse parsley, especially raw.

Learn to identify the most calorie-dense foods in order to reconcile pleasure and nutritional balance. No food is to be banned; on the other hand, your gaps must remain exceptional moments.

4 Take care of your sleep to lose weight!
All the studies highlight the link between lack of sleep and overweight. They also shed light on the link between lack of sleep and depression, between lack of sleep and pain, between lack of sleep and chronic inflammation. For a night of 7 hours, your body will consume 300 calories.

Here are some basic principles that are useful to remember to take care of your sleep and help your body stay in shape:

sleep away from your cell phone;
stay away from screens at least 1 hour before going to bed and instead focus on reading, a good hot bath or some relaxation techniques;
do not overheat your room: 17-18 degrees is ideal;
and if you feel like it, sleep naked in order to make the body work more;
eat light in the evening and at least 2 hours before going to sleep;
sleeping in the dark (by closing the shutters) is the best way to produce the sleep hormone, the famous melatonin.
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Default 3th, cont- 7 tips to lose weight and stay in shape

5 Do sports to lose weight and stay in shape
If you could not choose precisely the place where you are going to lose weight, it is however necessary to move and play sports for your well-being while having fun. You don't lose weight just by exercising. We lose weight by doing physical activity AND by rebalancing our way of eating. In other words, we select with care and pleasure what goes into the body and we spend ourselves by (re)moving in a progressive and feasible way.

Walking is a good start. It's a great way to reduce stress. But this activity does not make you lose weight for lack of sufficient caloric expenditure. Moreover, due to the lack of vibration, walking does not promote muscle toning. Cycling, Nordic walking, swimming or even rowing are great activities that promote weight loss. To be done 2 to 3 times a week.

6 Manage your stress and enjoy what you eat
The link between stress and weight gain is well established. Stress promotes food cravings and disrupts sleep (the production of leptin and ghelin being disrupted by lack of sleep, these hormones which regulate appetite and the feeling of satiety after meals will no longer be able to play their role correctly and promote thus weight gain). In short, stress has deleterious consequences on your health - especially intestinal -, your emotional balance and your hormones. It is therefore essential to learn how to release daily tensions through an activity that suits you well. Some people will find more pleasure in releasing their tensions through sport, others through meditation, cardiac coherence or even yoga. To each his own technique; the main thing is to find yours.
Chew well to lose weight. It all starts with this ultra-simple action that is accessible to everyone. Chewing allows you to reconnect with your senses, your sensations and the pleasure of eating. To do this, you can put your fork down between each bite and focus on the taste, texture and aromas of the good little dish you have cooked. The feeling of satiety comes about twenty minutes after the start of the meal. Automatically, the more you chew, the less you eat.
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Default 7 Tips

7 Water, psyllium and vitamin C to the rescue
Staying well hydrated means ensuring your physical and mental vitality
Drinking regularly and enough water increases diuresis and therefore promotes the elimination of waste. It's a reflex to adopt in your lifestyle and it starts in the morning when you get up with a large glass of water. Here is a nice first challenge that you can start now: the large glass in the morning allows your skin to evacuate the waste accumulated in the intestines and to have a nice even complexion.

We are talking about drinking water and not herbal teas, teas or other drinks that solicit the digestive organs. Drinking about 1.5 liters of water a day helps improve your basic metabolism, better eliminate toxins, improve blood flow, have shiny hair or reduce cravings. In short, what a bonus!

A little tip if you don't like plain water: add a few fresh mint leaves or 2-3 small slices of fresh ginger roots. This gives you a delicately scented water that is pleasant to drink.

Psyllium. It's hard not to mention one of my favorite plants: powdered blond pysllium. Rich in fibers and mucilages, this plant with a thousand virtues native to Africa does not cause any intestinal irritation, has a detox action and quickly generates a satiety action. Small precaution of use: drink a large glass of water while taking psyllium to avoid digestive obstruction.
Vitamin C. Slimming means loss of fat and, often, loss of elasticity, especially in the face. But this is not inevitable. Deep wrinkles and sagging skin can be avoided by slowly losing weight and supporting collagen production by taking vitamin C, preferably in liposomal form.
Losing weight is above all a great opportunity to (re)tune in to listen to your body, to (re)take the time to evaluate the way you eat, to reconnect with a diet that meets your body's needs, and , above all, a beautiful source of daily pleasures. Professionals are there to advise you, support you in achieving your goals and allow you to lose weight and stay in shape.
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Best fitness tips to help you reach your fitness goals and stay healthy:
  • The main thing for a healthy routine and keeping fit yourself then you have to work for yourself and remind your goals to achieve them.
  • Enjoy the daily exercises and also try different exercises after a week
  • You have to take enough sleep and make sure you got enough strength so that you will work easily whole the day
  • Try to do different and new things
  • Study and watch the new exercises daily
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lose weight diet

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