Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default After 10 weeks...progress!

Hello everyone,

I come and go on here depending on my motivation, but I thought maybe it would be nice to share a success.

I started WW the end of January and was losing weight slowly but steady until I ran out of money and stopped going for weigh in, and that was around the first of March. I had lost 12 lbs in that time, but unfortunately, you know how it is when you try to go it alone. I gained and lost, gained and lost until finally the last week of March I decided to get out my old Tae-Bo tape (the 30 minute one) and start doing it everyday.

Now, I had tried this once about 3 years ago, and saw some changes in my body but no real weight loss, so I quit. (and gained about 15 more lbs), so I was not expecting anything drastic. And it started out the same again, my body was changing and I felt better, I could do the whole thing and not get sore or winded. But again, no real weight loss.

So you think, well this crap doesn't work, I exercise EVERYDAY (sometimes twice, girls) and nothing. Then I stumbled upon a workout show on PBS in the mornings called Body Electric, this lady is 56 and looks better than I ever did. She does toning and weight training, so I added it to my Tae-Bo routine religously, like every other day or so, sometimes more than that, and GUESS WHAT?


I have lost 8 lbs since I enhanced my routine 5 weeks ago, and lost another inch off my waist, and GUESS WHAT ELSE???

Every stich of clothing I own FITS!!

I really feel like I am on my way now. I am about 2 lbs from the 170's and it feels great!

Maybe this type of workout would help someone else on here who doesn't feel like the aerobics is enough, I almost forgot to add this, but I do three different types of ab workouts everyday, I can't miss a day or I get guilty. It's a lot of work, but I really enjoy the new body I am starting to discover.

Sometimes it takes a while to find the workout which fits your style, that was my case. My mom started WW with me and she found her groove right away, plus she can afford the meetings, so she has lost about 5 lbs more than I. It just took me longer to figure out what worked for me. Another thing I noticed about starting to exercise daily was a drasitc increase in my appetite for the first MONTH! A whole month where I felt like I was accomplishing nothing. That was really depressing, but now I see that I just needed to get over the hill.

Thanks for listening!

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Congrats for finding your groove and losing them 20 lbs. THe clothes fitting must be an awesome feeling too. Keep it up and soon they'll be too big. Way to go!
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Thanks for the encouraging post. I have been really struggling, but maybe there IS hope. I've lost 50+ pounds since last JUly, but then, nothing for the last two months! So, I've upped my exercise as of about a week ago, and still, nothing. I know I just need to keep plugging away, thanks for the lift, I'll give it a month and see!
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Thanks for the replies!

I recommend you just try and hang in and don't stop what you are doing. I was way frusterated, but my main goal of why I am losing weight is because I have to take a horseback riding class for college in the fall, and it sucks to be 200 lbs and trying to get on a horse, ya know. So thats what kept me going, plus I had lost 12 already. So look at you! Lost 50 lbs!! Thats awesome! I will feel so great when I hit 25, let alone 50!!!

The exercise route ISN'T fast, thats for sure, but I keep reminding myself to enjoy the process of losing weight, and to enjoy the feeling I get when I try on clothes and they look great. So even if I am not at my goal, I am looking better than I have in almost 5 years!

Yay for us!
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