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Default how do I know how far I've walked?

I want to start counting how far I walk in miles, but since I go out in nature and other places I don't know how to.

Is there an easy way?
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I've heard of these step counter things that you can buy and either put in your shoes or something. I'm not completely sure. They are out there though. Or just google maps your route. The step counter would probably be better for you though.

Just googled it. Step Pedometer. I'm sure you could easily convert it into miles, like 10,000 steps is a certain amount of miles or something. Just ask google.

Here you go: http://www.thewalkingsite.com/10000steps.html
10,000 steps is about 5 miles.

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Do you have a smartphone? You can also use an app that tracks how far you've run/walked, etc.

I like to use Endomondo, which is for both Android and iOS.
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I have a Nike+ sensor to put in my shoe. I use it with my iPod, but you have systems that work with your phone or some different technology that you buy separately. I like Nike+ for running, it keeps track of your work-outs online and adds challenges and so on. It's for walking too.

If you only want to keep track of your distances then like Slush said, there are other devices out there as well - simpler cheaper ones too.

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I've used google maps to approximate how many miles I have walked in the past. I say approximate, because sometimes the paths or roads I walk, aren't on the map.
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I use the website mapmyrun.com to plot out my routes and determine mileage.
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get a pedometer it tracks steps gives you mileage and some will give you an estimate of calories burned
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I use a pedometer, they are not expensive and will tell you what you want to know.
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Originally Posted by newleaf123 View Post
I use the website mapmyrun.com to plot out my routes and determine mileage.
I use that, too, and it works great. Very easy and free.
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You can get a pedometer as cheap as just a few bucks from a grocery store or get a more high tech one from BestBuy. The basic ones will track steps and/or miles and the more pricey ones can track much more like speed, heartrate, etc.
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I love the MapMyWalk fitness app, free for the iPhone. It not only tells you your distance, but it gives you a map to show your route (or you can load predetermined routes to follow) as well as gives you your pacing. Your account also links you to their website that displays what you've done daily, weekly, and monthly.

I've even used it to see how far I walk when I'm shopping at the mall.
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