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Default Workout Recovery Methods

Is there anybody kicking around that works out, a lot? I mean, daily, with daily soreness?

How do you recover? I find that when I do yoga once a week- minimal soreness, a little electrolytes and a banana, no major issues.

I've also been running, and doing kettlebells which are creating muscle soreness.

Running- my kneecaps are inflamed, I have been icing them on and off all day. Today was a planned off day from the running, but I do fully hope to have a good run tomorrow (not distance, c25k w4d3, maybe an extra 10 min jog on top of that).

Kettlebells- MUSCLE SORENESS GALORE. Like, my shoulders are shot, legs/hamstrings/glutes to the point of abnormal- in a sense of...i'm usually sore for 2-3 days.

Any tips for quick recoveries?
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I workout two hours a day, Pilates daily and then every other day with cardio and weights. I get sore with all the workouts. When it's just muscle soreness, or DOMS, I like it because it reminds me that I pushed myself and achieved what I wanted and that under all my fat layers there are muscles waiting to come out. If the muscles are too sore for me to get to sleep, then I'll take Motrin. I drink lots of water too, make sure to eat plenty of veggies and protein too.

But if it's joint pain, that's a red flag to me. I can't ignore that because I've been working out too long to let myself lose another day, week or months due to a more serious injury.

For me, foot, shin and knee pain mean I'm not wearing the right shoes and/or I haven't warmed up and stretched out my feet/legs properly. It means I'm pushing myself too hard. Running or walking to achieve a distance is not part of my definition of success. I do it till it doesn't feel good any more and I start losing form. Form is everything!

If my rotator cuff is feeling trashed, then I know I am screwing with my form and I need to back down on the weights and stop letting my traps and other muscles in the vicinity take up the slack, until my rotator cuff is all better. Right now, I'm only using 4 lbs dumbbells to work my shoulders, lateral raises only up to shoulder level, with shoulder blades down in back and flat. Also doing exercises to stretch things out and rehab the area. I am still capable of pumping 20 lbs. bicep curls and even for triceps. I just can't take that up top at all.

Things that help me recover, Motrin and ice, drinking water and adequate sleep. And good preventative work that strengthens the joints and ligaments, like Pilates. Pilates is different from yoga. Yoga is all about getting really bendy and stretchy. Pilates is about building strength within natural human range of movement.
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Immediately after working out, you have several vital nutritional requirements. Your progress will suffer without a proper post-workout meal.
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I would say it get's better as time goes on.. When I fist started HItt training I was sore and I would puke every where right after I finish my work out the first two weeks. I was only doing it twice a day now I am able to do it three times a week for about 20 minutes and no soreness.. Just take a day off and yoga always helps...
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