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Default Help!!--Should I lift weights???

Hey! I've been reading a lot of different things about losing weight including articles suggesting that lifting weights/building muscle will help with weight loss. I'd like to know a couple things from anyone who has some practical experience:
1) Does consistently lifting weights for a few weeks *really* make a difference in calories burned and overall appearance??
2) How would I possibly begin?? I do have access to a gym and fitness center. I just don't know how much I'm supposed to try to lift and how often and all of that.
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1) Yes. I don't know how emphatically I can say yes.
2) There are a lot of books out there which would be of big help to you... there's even a Weighlifting for Dummies, which is actually a pretty decent starter guide. There's this site, which is GREAT for info and beginning stuff.

If you're a member of a gym, do they have trainers? It may be worth it to work with one for a bit, if you can.
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I only use weight/resistance work with my very overweight clients. There are real, physiological benefits:

By increasing muscle mass you increase the bits of your body that actually burns calories. Fat doesn't as it is metabolically inactive, muscle does it is metabolically active. So by increasing muscle mass you burn more calories even when sitting still, or sleeping!

By working with weights you will improve the underlying appearance of your muscles, good arms, flater abs, better bum etc. So when you begin to lose the weight the body shape under it is nicer!

If you can get a personal trainer to show you a good programme for you then go for it. If you want to read up on it I too would recommend the Weighlifting for Dummies. But there are also classes that you could attend, like aerobic dance classes but using resistance work instead, they are called things like:
Body conditioning, toning classes, legs bums and tums, and there are also various "Body..." classes that work different bits in different ways!

Hope that helped
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Let me join in the chorus of "Yes Yes Yes" here! Strength training makes a HUGE difference; but you are right to be concerned about doing the RIGHT ones... depending on your individual build (and what you wish to accomplish) there are different exercises to do... you can end up with the opposite effect otherwise.

I would agree that if your gym has a trainer, it would be good for you to make an appointment with her (or him) to assist you. Otherwise... yes, dig up a good book and check it out. It does make a huge difference.

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I'd like to increase my strength training too as I think I need some real toning.

I've rejoined a gym after many years of not going and it looks like the thing now is personal trainers at huge costs. The last time I went (10 years ago) they had staff wandering the gym floor helping you use the equipment properly and setting up programs for you. Now everytime I want to ask something they tell me that there are personal trainers available.

I'm going to check out the website that RavenToy recommended.
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Hey you guys!!!

Come on down to the Ladies Who Lift Forum (right below the "Exercise" forum) if you want more info on bodybuilding...whether you're a beginner or been doing it for awhile - feel free to join us!

PS - I also HIGHLY recommend Krista Scott Dixon's Stumptous website - great info and geared towards us gals
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What Mrs. Jim said! Come on over and we'll get you hooked on strength training. Its a GOOD Addiction!

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Besides, the weight room at my gym is where all the STUD MUFFINS hang out...for you single gals...and you might be surprised how darn helpful they can be once they see you're serious about lifting.

Hey, I'm married but a 'lil eye candy never hurts!
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