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Just want to be healthy!
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Red face Breast Size and Weight Loss

Ok, ladies...This is something I have been trying to figure out for the longest. And im very embarrassed to ask so just bare with me.....

With diet and exercise along with weight loss what are the chances that you can make your breast size smaller? Mine are my biggest feat. The bras are expensive, my back constantly hurts and im just tired of being overweight with big breasts!

I am 5'3 and a 40DD.
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I can only speak to my experience so far, which is that my band size decreased but my cup size increased. Basically, that translates into my breasts staying the same size, but my torso losing inches as I lost weight. I don't know how things will sit when I am at my goal weight. I plan to remeasure at that time and see if I need new bras - they are so expensive that I am trying to make due with what I have until goal (I bought a few bras in my new size in the middle of my weight loss journey and they still work for me, just on the tighter hooks).
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On the slow track.
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Mine get a bit smaller when I lose weight. They are still big, but they do get smaller.

It will all depend on your genetics, I'm afraid.
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Well boobs are mostly fat, so I would say that you have a pretty good chance of losing some of them. I know mine have pretty much disappeared. But they aren't as big as yours, either. But typically, the leaner you are, the less fat you will have all over, and that carries over into the chest area, too.
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Getting my life back
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I don't know if there is a trick, but oddly for me, EVERYTIME I lose weight, I lose it in the boobs first. Inches and sometimes a cup size. When I gain, I gain there first. That's first thing I always need to do... bra shopping.. .it's expensive.

I don't think it's a trick or something I'm doing though. I mean, I bike and do the SHRED with a lot of walking or running (Yay Treadmill!) and count calories. I think it's just genetics. Kind of like how some women just have big boobs and some just have small...

Maybe after the weight loss, if you haven't lost it in the breast area... consider a breast reduction. They do cause back pain (I'm currently a D and it hurts... and even when I'm in lower weight and in a C... still can hurt the back). There is nothing wrong with doing something like that to help you in the long run. Big boobs get sore, working out, walking, or even just typing. I have no idea because I never shopped around, but MAYBE insurance can cover part or all or this surgery if it's for pain? I honestly have no clue and you would have to shop around and ask your providers, but I know my Aunt had the surgery and often tries to convince me to do it. The only reason I haven't is because I know losing weight will drop their size...
I've decided to leave 3FC, In the crowd of so many, those of us with no success that have the audacity to feel bad about our incredibly slow and almost stagnate weight loss, are merely a nuisance to those that are successful. I hope everyone else finds the support they need.
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Great question! I was a 36C forever...until the kids and weight came along and I went up to a 40DD - I breast fed - which I'm sorry - no it did not shrink my boobs like they say! As far as genetics - no women on either side of my family has big boobs - and I have photos going back many generations. So it's a mystery to me. I am new to this weight loss journey and I am hopeful that I can kiss my 40DD goodbye! Good luck to you!
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I definitely lose boob size along with weight. Less than 10lbs ago, I bought a 30G bra, and it fit perfectly. Now there's lots of extra space in the cups and I'm trying to hold out until I get closer to goal to buy new bras.
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Mine have deflated. :I
Not that they were big to begin with, but...
Yep. All gone. Was a D, now I'm lucky if I fill out a B, lolol
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Leveling Up
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Are you wearing the right bra size? A 40 band is kinda big at your size—I should know! I was a 40D back when I was 200lbs.

Check out Runningfromfat's blog: http://www.bralessinbrasil.com/

You need the right bra to support the girls!

Buuuttt to answer your question: Mine got considerably smaller as I lost weight, but they were still on the large side for my size. That is until I got down to a lower BF%. Now they are probably more on the average side.

I went from a 40D to needing something in the range of 28F/28FF/30E
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I always loose wt in my chest also, I can tell because when I was 213 I snapped the back on the last option, but now at 197 I snap the back at the second option and it is not tight.

I do have a very big chest. When I went to Victoria secrets to get fitted they said I should try a 40D, but when I tried it I had room in the nipple part so i tried on a 38D and they set right up and had way better support. So thats the size I wear.
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